MBA Group Discussion

Group Discussion

After being successful in CAT and other MBA entrance exams like MAT, XAT or SNAP for admission in IIMs and other top B schools in India, the very important assignment is to appear in GD & Personal Interview. This section will deal with important GD skills for B schools, GD Topics for IIMs and other top B-schools, and tips on how to face CAT GD.

Start making preparations for group discussions and personal interview right away, without waiting till the eleventh hour. It is important to concentrate on subject knowledge and general awareness. Hence, the prime need for thorough preparation. Remember, the competition is very tough. Only few hundred candidates make it to the final list from lacs of aspirants each year.

Group discussions are used as a selection tool because they provide lots of information about candidate’s personality. GDs are used to assess group skills such as leadership skills, social skills, listening and articulation skills, situation handling ability and interpersonal ability.

Critical Success Factors in MBA GDs

  • Innovation: Ability to have an entirely different perspective.
  • Quality of Content: The level of preparedness.
  • Logical Ability: Ability to reason, think and debate pros cons.
  • Behavioural Skills: Aggressiveness is negative while assertiveness is positive.
  • Communication: It includes articulation, listening and body language .Functional knowledge of language is most important thing.
  • Leadership: It involves all above skills. It is the mobility that lets you demonstrate leadership skill as the content demands.

Types of Group Discussions (GDs) in B-Schools

  • Regular Structured GDs

    In this phase time limits and topic are defined. No Consensus is expected at end. No leader is to be selected for facilitating process. Topics are general.
  • Unstructured GDs

    Choosing leader is mandatory. Group has to reach a consensus at the end. The leader has to direct the group.
  • Specialized GDs

    These include role-play GDs.

Another factor crucial for Group Discussion

  • Content vs ProcessContent refers level of preparation, the ability to organize thoughts in a logical way, to have concept of topic and ability to innovate.Process includes expression, communication skill, body language and the attitude.

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