10 things that happen in every Engineering College in India

In India, you have already made your parents proud if you’ve successfully made it to an Engineering college. They must have told you a thousand times, how they would like to see you become an engineer one day and now that you’ve managed to crack the engineering entrance exam, you have become the ideal “(insert your surname) ji ka beta” and you’ll serve as an inspiration for the other kids in your locality until another guy will crack the engineering entrance exam next year. 

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The 4 years of engineering life are fun, there’s no doubt about it. There are not strict rules, no parent-teacher meeting (unless you did something really bad!), no fixed class hours and no boring uniforms. The 4 years of your B. Tech. degree is something that you’ll cherish your whole life and once it is over, you’ll miss it terribly.

No matter whether you are from east, west, north or south, if you have ever been to an engineering college, you will easily relate to these 10 things that happens or has happened there. See if you find them familiar too:

1. Disproportionate gender ratio

That’s right, not that girls do not go for engineering, but there are certain engineering branches where the girl:boys ratio is rather uneven. For example, Mechanical Engineering, not many girls enroll for it, so be ready to find only 2-3 girls in a class of 40. Also, forget becoming Rahul from “Kuch Kuch Hota hai”, that’s not happening dude.

2. Assignments overload

One thing that never leaves engineering students in 4 years are the assignments! Even if you get enough time to complete them, you’ll delay it till the final week and eventually end up copying the whole assignment, a night before the submission, from that one nerdy guy in the batch who finishes his assignments on time, always!

3. College Canteen is the ultimate hangout place

What can be a better place to chill with friends over a cup of coffee than the college canteen? You’ll always find the canteen overcrowded and even if the menu is not appealing, the ambiance and charm deserve full marks. you’ll always find groups of students chatting, singing or debating over current issues in the country. If you are the canteen guy’s favorite, you might even end up getting free food sometimes!

4. Mastering the art of last minute study

Engineers being one of the laziest creatures on earth will save everything for the last moment and exams are no exception. All those classes, practicals and lectures might go over your head throughout the semester, but the night before the exam, you can end up completing a 3000 page book. Also, you get so used to “backlogs” that exams don’t scare you anymore.   

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5. Night out in the name of group study

“Pulling out all-nighters before exams because studying in the morning is too mainstream”…. is the best possible excuse that you can give to sneak out for fun-filled night outs with buddies. No matter what you night out plans are, you’ll surely end it with a cup of chai/coffee in the tiny stall near the college that remains open 24×7.

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6. Tech fests and cultural fests before degree

Once you are in an engineering college,you know that backlogs and supplementary exams are a part of your 4 year degree course and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you attend all classes regularly, take notes and study well. But tech fests and cultural fests happening just once in a year and it is the only time when you can show your creativity like making cool gadgets or dancing with your BFFs in college. 

7. Low attendance and mass bunking

You’ll hate attending some classes because of the boring lectures,most of which goes over your head. So bunking becomes a routine until you get a warning letter for low attendance and realize the blunder you did. So most of the last few days before exams go after convincing your professor to allow you sit for the exam. But as soon as the exams are over, you get back to bunking, again!

8. Forget who's the most popular guy in college, during exam it's the first guy to go for viva

You might be the Mr. Popular in college, but during the viva, the guy who goes to it first, hogs the limelight. As soon as he’s out of the viva room, the whole class flocks around to know what they might face. if you have ever been the first guy to give viva in college, you have definitely enjoyed your “minutes of fame”.

9. The bittersweet feeling of semester breaks

Semester breaks in engineering colleges mean going home for those who stay far away from home. It also means staying away from friends for a while, but now that technology has advanced so much, you can always stay in touch through social media and once you are back, you cannot wait to meet your friends again and have endless fun together!

10. Crib, curse but never stop loving your college

There will be times when you’ll wish if you could quit, but there are friends and professors to guide you and cheer you up in difficult times and once you graduate, you will start missing all the good times you had in your college, from the canteen boy, your favorite professor, librarian to the professor whose class you never bothered to attend.

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