5 VFX artists on Youtube to inspire you

What once seemed impossible to create in film was made possible by the introduction of visual effects in filmmaking. Since the inception of concept art and VFX, the world has seen glorious things on film and television. An art that is constantly growing in popularity along with the demand for artists, visual effects have a charm of their own. Many colleges and universities in the world offer some great courses on VFX, concept art and animation, so aspiring artists do have a few options to choose from. Even in India, there are a number of institutes that provide such courses. But until you’ve found your passion in the VFX world, there’s something else to build your interest in it.

Youtube is probably just as popular as visual effects in the world of film and television. Finding artists and tutorials for the same is no rocket science. We’ve curated some of the best Youtube channels you can follow to get inspired about a career in VFX. Whether you’re planning to become a VFX artist or if you’re just a curious being, check out these popular Youtubers who will teach you a thing or two about VFX.

1. VFX Bro

This channel has been live since 2010, and the artist has shared various tutorials including introduction to Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Mocha Pro, Pixel Farm PFTrack.

2. Final Cut King

With a bunch of tutorials and original videos, Final Cut King focuses on programs like Final Cut, Apple Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Apple Color 1.5 etc.

3. Corridor Digital

A variety of special effects and action scenes, explosions and the like are covered by Corridor Digital focusing on Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.

4. Surfaced Studio

This channel consists mainly of tutorials related to action effects and their most prominent one is of zombie effects. They highlight programs like Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3ds Max, Cubase 5 among others.

5. Freddie W.

Specialising in tutorials for action sequences consisting of gunfire, explosions and many references to action gaming. The focus of this channel is generally Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.

You can be one such awesome VFX artist as well! Head over to any of the following pages to find out more about concept art, VFX, gaming and animation courses in India:

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