6 rising education startups in India

The StartEdu competition led us to the most impressive startups in the education sector in India; Image Courtesy:

In a two-day bootcamp for edtech entrepreneurship, about 230 startups participated from across 5 major cities in India and 10 finalists were selected. The StartEdu 2016 program was organized by Unitus Seed Fund along with Sylvant and TiE in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Senior Investment Associate (Unitus Seed Fund), Sunitha Viswanathan said, “In the education sector, incremental solutions are invariably met with a tepid response from educators, students and parents alike. This makes it important for education entrepreneurs to look at developing solutions that show at least a 10x improvement by fitting seamlessly into existing systems.”

Let’s take a look at the 6 most impressive startups in the education sector in India.

1. Plastic Water Labs

Based out of Bengaluru, Plastic Water Labs aims to tackle and curb the problem of inadequate and poor quality education in India by introducing the concept of Virtual Reality (VR). Since it is multi-sensory, it will help the students retain what they observe and interact with the subject matter, better.
It is currently aiming at helping students of Classes 6th to 8th understand Science and Mathematics better. These lessons will be available on Android with a monthly subscription of Rs. 350 through Google cardboard.

Founders: Baskar Ethirajan & Sajesh Nair

2. ToT Smart Education

Irrespective of your status, both social and economic, this Delhi-based startup aims to make education personalised for everyone. It works well with the current syllabus of students. Textbooks and game-based mobile app (Pedron) are provided and it comes with a performance monitor to gauge the students’ performance.
With total usage of 85 hours per day, the mobile app is already making wonders and the startup has already reached out to 400 schools and around 50,000 students to get them engaged in ‘smart education’.

Founder & CEO: Saurabh Arya

3. Entri

Most schools and coaching institutes are not technology friendly even today. Cochin-based startup, Entri, reaches out to these schools and provides them with a dashboard which behaves similar to Google Analytics to gauge students’ preparation and their assessment. It provides 30,000 entrance oriented questions, formulae and study material. They have also included a Q&A section where students can interact with the experts to clear their doubts.
Entri has already tied up with 8 institutes and is helping out 12,000 students already with an annual fee of Rs. 2000 per student.

Founder & CEO: Mohammed Hisamuddin

Walnut Knowledge Quizshala
Quizshala is the flagship program of Walnut Knowledge; Image Courtesy:

4. Walnut Knowledge

Walnut Knowledge founders (based out of Bengaluru) believe that career choices are important and they should be made engaging in dialogue, and awareness and critical understanding of the field. Quizshala, their flagship program, is a platform that spreads awareness by increasing the curiosity of the child. Merging the school syllabus with the child’s personal interests is how it works. As of now, it has worked with around 900 school kids.

Founders: Sachin Ravi & Raghav Chakravarthy

5. XPrep

XPrep, based out of Delhi, aims at solving the problem of tutor-parent network which is low in visibility and engagement. With the help of technology, it reaches out and engages the students in an enriching manner and solves the transparency issue between tutors and parents, by increasing the communication between the two.
With 80 tutors and over 3500 students on board, XPrep is going places.

Founders: Bhaswat Agarwal, Mukul Rustagi & Bikash Das

6. Dost Education

Mothers motivated to be a part of their child’s education but unable to do so are the ones this startup is getting involved with. With 150 million women in India being among the 780 million illiterate adults all over the world, it is definitely a cause for worry.
Dost hopes to bridge this gap between the mother and child by helping eradicate illiteracy among women. A simple, low-cost mobile platform, it establishes a voice-based curriculum over the phone, which helps the mothers be a part of their child’s education and be better informed simultaneously.

Motto: Empower, Enrich and Enable

Founders: Sneha Sheth (CEO), Sindhuja Jeyabal (CTO) & Devanshi Unadkat (CCO)

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