7 exciting courses to sync your passion with your career

A full-time job requires you to work for 9-10 hours every weekday. Unlike college, you are not entitled to semester breaks or have the luck to bunk office at your will.  Does a full-time job means bringing an end to your dreams of doing something for yourself, like nurturing a hobby? Obviously not!


Nurturing a hobby helps you to get rid of stress and gives you satisfaction from within. It also help you to stay occupied when you have nothing much to do. Also, if you are good at something, like dancing, cooking, painting etc, you should consider taking classes to improve it. At times when life seems meaningless or boring with the same job, a hobby can help you to get out of the monotony without compromising on your work. Even if you don’t have a hobby, getting involved in a new activity can help you relax. Here are few options to choose from-

1. Quilling

Learn the art of using colorful paper strips to create decorative designs that can be used for variety of purposes like wall hangings, jewelry etc. 

2. Baking

If you have a passion to create tasty looking cakes and pastries, learn baking today and reward your friends and family with some sweet treats.

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3. Acting

Do you think you can pretend to be someone you are not? If you have what it takes to become a good actor, polish your skills by joining an acting class.

4. Photography

If you think you have the potential to click amazing pictures, try your hands at professional photography classes.

5. Voice Modulation

Very few people are gifted with the ability to imitate voices or speak with voice modulation. If you are one of them, try joining a voice modulation training and if you can do really well, you may get a chance to work as a voice-over artist too.

6. Ethical Hacking

Be a superhero of the digital world and save companies from malicious or criminal activities online. Learn ethical hacking today and help companies secure their websites.

7. Creative Writing

Learn the art of creative writing with the help of a creative writing class and give wings to your passion for writing.

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Even if you do not find something you’re passionate about in the list, you can still look for local classes or online courses that help you enhance your hobby. There are many people who have turned their hobby into a full-time profession like tattoo-artists or singers. Seeking formal training can help you to take your passion to the next level and can also help you to earn from it. Invest a little time in learning something you enjoy and the result will be soul-satisfying.

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