7 super effective ways to get the most out of studying abroad


A large number of students apply for international study programs and courses every year, but only a few can get through the tough screening process that are conducted by the top universities abroad. If you make through it and get selected, you should definitely try to make the most out of the time that you’ll get while studying abroad. Implement these 7 effective tips while you pursue your education in a foreign land:

1. Create a bucket list

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. To get the most out of  staying abroad, make a plan or a list of things that you wish to accomplish, this will serve as your bucket list. Note down all the things that you would like to experience, start with the simple ones that are easy to execute and then move to more thrilling ones like  experiencing highest free-fall abseil from UK’s tallest sculpture in Olympic Park if you happen to study in London.

2. Travel often

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Exploring new places can be very exciting and rewarding. You’ll get to discover good restaurants, shops, libraries and many places nearby. So even if you feel alone in a new place, you can always step out of your dorm, get a local map and start exploring,plan trips to nearby attraction. Try to make the most out of your stay, take a tour of the city with the help of a local friend or guide, click a lot of pictures and make good memories.

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3. Make friends with local people

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If you really want to save some bucks while studying abroad, try to make friends with local people. If you can befriend your neighbors, you ‘ll be welcomed for tasty food every now and then and can even get to attend local events and parties. You also get to learn about their culture and get every kind of help whenever you require.

4. Learn different languages

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Learning different languages can be a savior especially when it comes to working or studying in international locations. Plus, you don’t need to churn out money for expensive language classes as long as you have classmates who teaches you their languages for free!

5. Step out of your comfort zone

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When you are thousand of miles away from home, every day brings you a new challenge. You’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and do things in order to survive in a foreign land. If you have been an introvert all your life, you have to open up and talk to people, make connections and ask for help when needed. If you haven’t stayed away from home, this can be tough initially but once you get hold of the basic skills, you’ll enjoy this phase.

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6. Document everything

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When you go back home after your course is complete, you should be ready with stories of your stay in the foreign land because your friends and family will be eager to know. So document everything, write down about your experiences, maintain a diary, collect souvenirs, pictures, postcards and show it to your friends and family. 

7. Try to do more Internships

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Pursuing a degree in university won’t make you ready for the corporate world, you need to do as many internships as possible to understand the corporate scenario of a particular country. The more internships you do, the more you’ll get acquainted with the work culture and ethics which is very important for your survival in job and earning while learning is always good!

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