5 interesting facts about Switzerland that students should know

interesting facts about Switzerland
ermatt village with a view of the Matterhorn (the most photographed mountain in the world) in the Swiss Alps. All cars in Zermatt are battery driven only to avoid air pollution that can obstruct the beautiful view of the Matterhorn

There’s more to Switzerland than just Swiss chocolates and cheese! If you’re planning to study in Switzerland, here are 5 interesting facts that you should know about the country before you plan your study abroad adventure there. No harm in equipping yourself with some information about Switzerland before heading out to the country!

  1. Switzerland’s universities have world-class & beautiful campuses 


    The campus of Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich). Image courtesy: www.mas-mtec.ethz.ch

    The infrastructure & beauty of the Swiss universities will blow you away! Especially the campuses of the top universities of Switzerland. The student life that you will experience here will be amazing, thanks to the excellent quality of infrastructure & services offered by universities like ETH, Zurich.


    ETH Zurich campus SwitzerlandETHZurich campus; Image courtesy: www.marcocarocari.com

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  2. ETH Zurich is associated with 21 Nobel Prize recipients

    The beautiful corridors of ETH, Zurich; Image courtesy: Gian Marco Castelberg

    The universities of Switzerland are known for the quality of their research and innovation. Did you know, for instance, that Albert Einstein has been a student of ETH Zurich? There are almost 21 Nobel prize recipients who’ve been either students or faculty at ETH!

  3. Einstein developed his theory of special relativity in Switzerland

        Zytglogge – the landmark medieval clock tower in Bern

    Albert Einstein first thought experiment was inspired by this iconic clocktower in Bern, Switzerland – that would ultimately trigger off a series of inspirational ideas that led him to develop his theory of special relativity (e=mc2.)

  4. An average Swiss person eats 11+ kg of chocolate in a year

    Swiss chocolate truffles and pralines of Lindt & Sprüngli
       Swiss chocolate truffles and pralines of Lindt & Sprüngli

    There are 18 Swiss chocolate brands in Switzerland including Nestle (Cailler), Lindt & Toblerone which have earned Switzerland the reputation of being one of the best chocolate makers of the world. The Swiss not only produce but also consume the most amount of chocolate – more than 11 kgs per person!

  5. It has 4 national languages!


    Switzerland’s four official languages, traditionally spoken in different regions of the country, are German, French, Italian and Rumantsch (Romansh). English is gradually being used increasingly for official communication.

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