Future of Animation in India

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The Indian Gaming Industry is expected to generate $99.6 billion in revenues in 2016. Meanwhile film industry in India is already on its boom. In the education and training sectors, with the introduction of elearning, real classroom teaching is gradually replaced by computer based learning. E-learning is considered an advantage especially for kids where they can learn using interactive media.

All these sectors need services of expert animation and multimedia professionals to develop creative content which can be interactive and qualified enough to attract prospective audience. This is why in animation and gaming; numerous Indian companies are changing their business model and are moving from an outsourcing to a co-production model.

Factor which is mainly affecting the growth of animation and gaming in India is unavailability of skilled professionals. While in recent years both government and industry bodies have shown keen interests in exploiting the tapped resources of animation and gaming industry. India offers advantage in animation and game development when compared to destinations like Taiwan.

Now for training of human resources, there one can find hundreds of private institutes as well as government in all major cities and towns in India. Considering the size of gaming alone, it seems obvious that Animation is going to turn among one of the hottest career options in India in coming years comparable with professions like engineering and medicine etc.

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