What is Animation

3D animation vs. 2D animation

Animation is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts and preparation of photographic sequences which are integrated in the multimedia and gaming products. Animation involves the exploitation and management of still images to generate the illusion of movement. A person who creates animations is called animator. He / she use various computer technologies to capture the still images and then to animate these in desired sequence.

Multimedia is the term used to represent combination of visual and audio materials gathered from various resources and then added into one single combination. A multimedia product can be sets of texts, graphic arts, sounds, animations and videos. Precisely, term multimedia is used to refer visual and audio materials into a single common presentation which can be played in a computer including CD ROM or digital video, internet or web technology, streaming audio or video and data projection system etc.

Modern entertainment industry i.e. film and television has gained new heights because of advances in animation, graphics and multimedia. Television advertisements, cartoons serials, presentation and model designs – all use animation and multimedia techniques.

Types of Animation

  • Traditional animation (cel animation or hand-drawn animation)

  • Stop motion animation (Claymation, Cut-outs)

  • Motion Graphics (Typography, Animated logo)

  • Computer animation

  •   2D animation

  •   3D animation

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