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C-DAC Education and Training


The C-DAC has the responsibility of generating manpower for the growing demand of computer and information technology industry Since its inception, the institute is fully committed towards its endeavor and hence offers a wide variety of training programmes focusing on computers and computer technologies.The C-DAC has dedicated centers to provide these training programmes both in India as well as overseas.The C-DAC centers are called as groups.

(I) Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)

The Advanced Training School – ACTS offers the following training programmes

Graduate Diploma in Emerging Information Technologies (Grade IT)
Certificate Course in GeoInformatics (CCGI)
Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia (PGDM)
Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (DESD)
Diploma in GeoInformatics (DGI)
Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC)
Co curricular Diploma in Advanced Computing
Diploma in VLSI Design (DVLSI)
Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA)

For more details, click here.

(II) C-DAC School of Advanced Computing, Mauritius (C-SAC)

The C-DAC and University of Mauritius has joined hands for providing training in computers and IT. The C-SAC group operates from University of Mauritius for this purpose.The center provides training programmes for beginners as well as graduates and post graduates.The programmes are offered in phased manner.

For more detail, about C-SAC programme, click here.

(III) GIST – Programme for Advancing Computer Education (PACE)

The PACE group has the objective to promote the use of Indian languages in computers and computer technologies.The group offers the following training programmes-

  • Courses in Multilingual Technology
  • Diploma Courses
  • Advanced Diploma Courses

For more details on PACE programmes,  click here.

(IV) National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC)

The C-DAC’s NMRC group blends well the art and technology in its multimedia courses. The center also made available a large number of programmes to students and professionals through its portals.
The following courses are offered by NMRC group-

  • Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA)
  • Diploma in Multimedia Creations (DMC)
  • Low Cost Multimedia Creations (LCMC)
  • Applied Computer Arts (ACA)

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