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Technologies by CIAE


The various technologies offered at CIAE are given below:

Farm Machinery and Power
Animal Drawn Improved Blade Harrow (Bakhar)
Animal Drawn Improved Patela Harrow
Animal Drawn Lugged Wheel Puddler
Animal Drawn Multipurpose Tool Frame with Attachments
Power Tiller Operated Auger Digger
Naveen Dibbler
Manual Rotary Dribbler
Manual Seed cum Fertilizer Drill
Small Seed Sowing Drill
2/3 Row Animal Drawn Seed/ Seed-cum-Fertilizer Drills
3 Row Animal Drawn Planter
Power Tiller Operated Seed-cum-Fertilizer Drill
Power Tiller Operated Till-Plant-Machine
6-Row Tractor Mounted Inclined Plate Planter
Tractor Mounted Modular Planter
Tractor Drawn Precision Plot Drill
Tractor Operated Commercial Pneumatic Planter
Manual Rice Transplanter
2 Row Tractor Mounted Potato Planter
2 Row Tractor Mounted Vegetable Transplanter
Three Tined Hand Cultivator (Grubber)
Single Wheel hand Hoe
Twin Wheel Hand Hoe
Peg Type Dryland Weeder
Power Tiller Operated Sweep Cultivator
Self Propelled Power Weeder
Naveen Sickle
Animal Drawn Groundnut/ Potato Digger
Power Tiller Operated Reaper
Tractor Front Mounted Vertical Conveyor Reaper
Tractor Side Mounted Reaper
Self Propelled Vertical Conveyor Reaper Windrower (Walk behind)
Riding Type Vertical Conveyor Reaper Windrower
Tubular Hand Maize Sheller
Manual Groundnut Decorticator for Women
Manual Groundnut/ Castor Decorticator
Single Ear-Head Thresher
Multicrop Plot Sample Thresher
Multicrop Thresher (5-hp)
Semi-axial Flow Multicrop Thresher
High Capacity Multicrop Thresher
Power Operated Groundnut Thresher/ Stripper for Green Crop
Animal Loading Car
Animal Tread Mill
Agro Processing and Soybean Processing
Sack Holder
Hand Operated Double Screen Grain Cleaner
Pedal-cum-Power Operated Air Screen Grain Cleaner
Grain Flour Separator
Groundnut/ Sunflower Decorticator with Feeder and Separator
Motorized Rubber Tyre Sheller
Grain Pearler
Hand Operated Potato Peeler
Hand Operated Potato Slicer
Dhal Mill
Low Cost Multi Purpose Grain Mill
Multipurpose Tray/ LSU Dryer
Vegetable Dryer 
Manually Operated Soybean Dehuller
Power Operated Soybean Dehuller
Soy Flaking Machine (3 rollers)
Soybean Blanching Unit
Paneer Pressing Device
Cottage Level Soy Paneer Plant
Soy Snack Extruder
Soybean Cake Grinder/Hammer Mill
Soyflour Sifter (manually operated)
Pilot Plant for Extrusion-expelling of soybean
Agricultural Energy and Power
Multi-fuel Cooking Stove
Portable Charring Kiln
Solar Cabinet Dryer
Double Reflector Box TypeSolar Cooker
Step Type Solar CocoonStifler
Solar Tracking Device
Natural Draft Gasifier
Charcoal BriquettingMachine
Portable Updraft Gasifier
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Aqua Feed Pilot Plant

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