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CIEFL Projects


The projects undertaken by CIEFL is given below:


The abbreviation NELTS stands for National English Language Testing Service. At present only middle level test is available.The test is normally held in month of November every year.


The duration of NELTS examination is 2 ½ Hours.


The NELTS test consists of:
Part I – Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary
Part II – Writing


Anyone who is 16 Year Old or above is eligible to write NELTS test.
There is no upper age limit for this test


On passing this test you will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in English by CIEFL. This Certificate will

  • enhance your qualifications
  • give you an idea of how well you can use English to perform work and study related functions
  • fetch you recognition from institutions of higher education
  • give prospective / potential employers an idea of your ability to use English at the workplace
  • give you confidence and a winning edge in today’s competitive world.

Testing Authority

The NELTS test is prepared by a team of specialists at CIEFL, and administered by Orient Longman Limited, the official associates of CIEFL, at different centres across the country.

International Training Program (ITP)

In order to make communication and business communication better to the out side world where Indian professionals can not communicate in any of the Indian languages, CIEFL offers ITP program. The purpose is meant for those people who can adopt English as a second language and have an elementary knowledge of English. The program develops speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of a person. The duration of the program is 12 weeks.

GOI Schemes

The ELTI support scheme and DC scheme of Government of India are supported by CIEFL. The CIEFL offers 3 month program under ELTI scheme and 10 day intensive teacher training program under DC scheme.

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