Dental Council of India - Publications

The list of publications of DCI and mode of payment for these publications is given below:

Council’s Publications

Norms and Rules & Regulations

1.Establishment of new Dental College Regulations 1993Rs. 250.00
2.Opening of Higher Courses of Study Regulations 1993Rs. 250.00
3.Increase of admission capacity in the existing Dental College Regulations 1993Rs. 250.00
4.B.D.S. Course & Regulations(Modified: 27.6.1983)Rs. 100.00
5.M.D.S. Course & Regulations 1983Rs. 100.00
6.Postgraduate Diploma Course RegulationsRs. 3.00
7.Dental Hygienists Certificate – 1972 (Revised Course & Regulations)
(2 years Course)(Effective from academic session 1974-75)
Rs. 8.00
8.Dental Mechanics Certificate – 1972 (Revised Course & Regulations
(2 years Course) (effective from academic session 1973-74)
Rs. 50.00
9.Condensed BDS Course for Medical Graduates RegulationsRs. 1.00
10.Internship ProgrammeRs. 5.00

Mode of Payment :

Postal charges extra for each publication Rs.50/- if demanded by post.

Cash or by demand draft drawn in favour of Secretary, Dental Council of India payable at New Delhi

Any individual / organization / institutions involved in dental profession in any manner should satisfy the conditions laid down by the Dental Council of India (DCI). Therefore its important for people involved with or want to involve in profession of dentistry in any manner should be well aware of the DCI Act. For details of DCI acts, Click Here.

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