DOEACC Courses

The society offers following programmes at various levels.

  • O Level - Equivalent to Foundation level course
  • A Level - Equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications
  • B Level - Equivalent MCA Level
  • C Level - M. Tech Level
  • O Level Bio Informatics Course
  • A Level Bioinformatics Course
  • ITES (Call Centre) Agents Training courses
Important Information

The computer institutes wishing to offer the DOEACC courses at various levels can seek the accreditation from the society.However, the institutes have to fulfill the criteria laid down by the DOEACC society for a particular course and have to apply in definitive format to the society.A panel of experts examines the institutions asking for accreditation and on finding suitable grants the accreditation to the relevant institute.

As on 1st January 2004, there were about 839 institutes that had got accreditation from DOEACC society.

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