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Science vs Commerce


The question Science or Commerce, which stream is the ultimate winner in this Tug of War – a definite conclusion is yet to be arrived at. From the space and beyond to the core of the Earth it is Science that dominates the world, but can we have a good banking system, sound financial policies without Commerce.

While the dictionary defines science as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, commerce is a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer.

In India, both Commerce and Science are studied widely. However, the scale of science is sometimes higher than that of commerce especially since students wanting to pursue engineering and medicine after Class 12 have to opt for Science after Class 10.

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Benefits of Studying Commerce:

  • No matter which industry you choose to work in, a sound understanding of Commerce is invaluable to your career prospects. From financial markets and economics to the latest management practices, studying commerce can offer you the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a successful career.

  • Many companies especially KPOs and BPOs prefer employees from accounts and finance backgrounds

  • Recession or no recession, commerce is a subject which will always be in demand unlike those from the engineering or management background

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Benefits of Studying Science

  • Studying science equips a student with essential skills that make them employable

  • Students can opt for professional streams like engineering and medicine after the +2 level

  • A student will be at an advantage to discover and invent things that would be beneficial to the society at large

  • Science subjects like Biology teaches us how living things work, Physics enlightens us with the working of the universe and Chemistry helps us with the knowledge of various chemical processes and how they can be utilized.
 Commerce Science
 Includes study of subjects like Accounting, Tax, Business Economics and Finance Includes study of subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology
 Need good grades after Class 10 and also in Class 12 to pursue higher education in commerce You need to have good grades in Class 10 and equally good marks in Mathematics to secure a seat in 10+2
 Start a professional career by registering for CA foundation course Appear for competitive exams and start a professional career like engineering or medicine
You cannot appear for engineering or medical streams or change to science stream after Class 12. However, you can shift to Arts after Class 12.

You can make a shift to other streams Commerce or Arts after Class 12

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