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How to become a veterinary doctor in india

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Veterinary Science is the science of treating and curing the diverse types of diseases of birds and animals. The basic principles of this specialized branch of study are quite similar to that of human medical sciences.

The primary objective of both is the prevention and elimination of maladies and ultimately restoration of the biological organisms to perfect health.

Now, there is a growing demand for veterinarians in India. More and more students are taking this field by realizing its future prospects. People both in rural and urban area are keeping pets, both for livelihood and protection.

Veterinarians can choose to work in urban areas, where the work would mostly include the care and handling of domestic pets or with the government’s animal husbandry departments or in animal care centres.

Veterinary Science Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry course, a candidate should have passed the class 12th (+2) examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Admission to most veterinary colleges is done on the basis of marks obtained in the entrance examination conducted by the university concerned.

Those who want to pursue master degree in veterinary science or animal husbandry must have completed Bachelor’s degree in respective branch with good percentages of marks. The selection is made on the basis of entrance examination conducted by a particular institution or university.

Career Prospects

Several career options are open to graduates in veterinary science. With the tremendous developments in sciences and technology, more and more avenues are opening up at a rapid pace like never before.

Dairy research institutes, large-scale dairy, piggery and poultry farms require the services of not one but several veterinarians.

The areas of specialisation in this sector include production of milk, eggs and meat etc. It is amply evident that the health of all the animals on such farms is the responsibility of the veterinarians.

Urban areas also need the services of veterinarians owing to the practice of keeping pets (dogs, cats and parrots) in the affluent and upper class homes. As a natural corollary, private practices of vets can flourish very well in these areas.

The government also employs veterinarians as public health professionals whose services are utilised in zoos, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The Defence Services use horses, dogs, camels, etc.

Therefore they too need the services of veterinarians. Various organizations zoological research institutes employ veterinarians conduct research and development in various departments and to man their laboratories.

In addition, there are the academic sections in various institutions, where experienced professionals are recruited to train the new entrants to the field. Last but not the least, postgraduates in the field of veterinary science can go in for further research and development in this sector and there contribute to the overall promotion of sciences.


The remuneration of a veterinarian depends on the kind of practice and the animals which are under treatment. In government veterinary centres, fresh graduates are appointed as junior veterinary surgeon. Their average gross starting salary ranges between Rs.10, 000 – Rs.15, 000 per month.

A private practitioner may get lucrative monetary returns depending on his popularity and the number of years of experience. He/she can earn Rs.40 – Rs.500 per patient, depending on the type of treatment the animal needs.

There are also openings in government department in the positions such as livestock development officers. The monthly salary varies between Rs.10, 000 – Rs.20, 000 depending upon the years of experience.

Pros and Cons of being a Vet


  • Good pay packet
  • Love for animals may lead you to interact and mix with a variety of animals
  • Job satisfaction


  • Not as much of respect as that of a doctor treating human beings
  • Sometimes diseases of animals can be passed on to humans. So one needs to be extra careful while treating animals
  • Dealing with difficult pet owners often tests your patience


SRM UniversitySRM University

Veterinary Science Institutes/Universities

Some of the well-known colleges of veterinary sciences in India are as follows

Indian Veterinary Research Institute
IVRI Izatnagar, Uttar Pradesh -243122 India
Ph. No: +91-581-2300096
Email: [email protected]

Courses Offered:

  • Master Programme (MVSc)
  • Doctoral Programme (PhD)
  • National Diploma

College of Veterinary Sciences, CCS Haryana Agricultural University
Hisar – 125 004, India
Ph. # (O): 01662-289316, (R): 01662-238445
Fax: 01662-234613
E-mail: [email protected]

Bombay Veterinary Science College, Mumbai
College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry
(Anand Agricultural University)
Anand 388 001
Ph. +91-2692-261486

Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University

Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 040-24015011 to 040-24015017
E-mail: [email protected]

State Wise List of Veterinary Colleges in India


Do I have to appear for separate entrance exam for Veterinary Science Courses?

Yes, you have to appear for separate exams for admission to Bachelor’s course in Veterinary Science. The most common exam is AIPVT. Other exams that one can take for admission to Bachelor’s course are:

I have studied science in Class 11 but I did not have Biology as a subject. Can I still appear for AIPVT examination?

No. You should have Biology in Class 11 to be eligible for AIPVT entrance exam.

How strong is the Veterinary industry in India?

Prospect of Veterinary science is huge in India. You can open your own clinic or be associated with any hospital. You can also be associated with any NGO working with animals. Click here for an in-depth view on career in Veterinary Science.

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