B.Com vs B.Com Hons

Planning to do a B.Com (Bachelors in Commerce) but not sure what the difference between B.Com and B.Com Honors (Hons) is? Unsure why the cut-off for one degree (B.Com [Hons] course) is much higher than the other (B.Com [pass]) course even though both courses teach you similar things? Don’t worry, this article should help you figure out how both the programs differ and help you make the decision of which course you should opt for.


Both courses introduce you and teach you in detail the subjects that make up the commerce stream. Tthe eligibility criteria for admission to both courses remains the same for most colleges/ universities: HSC or equivalent, with Math and English as compulsory subjects.

Now, let’s look at the differences:

Differences between B.Com (Hons) and B.Com

 B.Com (H)


 B.Com (P)


B.Com (H) is an undergraduate degree designed to inculcate business acumen in students.

  • You can also pursue courses like Chartered Accountancy along with your B.Com (honors.)

Similar to B.Com (H), the difference is that a student can specialize in a certain subject in B.Com (H), which is not possible in B.Com (P).  In the latter, a student is given an overview of all the subjects taught in the honors course. 

A student has the option to specialize in a specific subject like Accounting, etc.A student cannot specialize in a specific subject.

 The cut-off for various universities/colleges is relatively higher.

 The cut-off for various universities/colleges is relatively lower. 

The industry demand for the honors program under B.Com is much higher than the regular program. With the distinction between the two clear in your mind, it should be relatively easy to make your decision.

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