7 lucrative career in sports for non-athletes

Sports is one aspect that binds every culture and religion across the globe. If you think you need to be good at sports to be a part of the sports industry, you are wrong. If you take a close look you’ll know that there are many people involved in the sports industry and most of them are not directly related to sports. However, they play a significant role in making a sports event successful.  So, if you have ever wished for a job that revolves around sports, these 7 lucrative options might interest you. 

1. Coach

Coaches train and prepare players for upcoming competitions. They are responsible to teach the game rules, develop sportsmanship and responsibility among  the players and sharpen their skill with regular practice sessions. They also teach various match strategies to the team of players. Many coaches scout out new talent. To begin with, coaches usually start out by assisting head coaches and eventually start coaching by themselves once they gain enough experience.

2. Sports Therapist

Sports therapists work with players to help prevent injuries, recognize, manage and treat them when they occur during, before or after a match, and rehabilitate them back to full fitness. They are responsible to conduct regular assessment of the fitness level of players and advise on exercises prior to any match. Sometimes, they also advise players on  their diet and nutrition. Sports Therapists work in sports clinics or they can also get associated with a sports club or sportsperson in particular.

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3. Referee

Referees and umpires officiate at sporting events, games, or competitions, to maintain standards of play and to ensure that game rules are observed. They also keep track of time, score and assess penalties,They will also inspect equipment to ensure it meets all safety standards of the match. They usually work for professional sports organizations, schools or colleges.

4. Sports Journalist

Sports journalists perform extensive research, conduct interviews and attend events such as one-day games, tournaments and press conferences. Sports writers/reporters write articles for publications on newspapers and sports magazines. Sports photo-journalists are responsible to capture images and live videos during and post-match.

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5. Sports Event Coordinator

Sports event planners coordinate with their teams  to guarantee that every aspect of the sporting event is under control. Coordinators are involved in preparing lodging and transportation for the team, maintaining the security of spectators and players, inspecting the facility along with managing key events such as exhibitions, conferences, product launches etc. Event coordinators must plan everything carefully to minimize wasted expenses.

6. Sports Broadcaster

Sports broadcasters are responsible for sharing their commentary, game analysis, and personal experiences with viewers on television, radio, Internet, or live in the stadium. they are also called ” sportscasters”, Sports broadcasters keep fans engaged and entertained throughout the entire event.

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7.Sports Statistician

Sports statisticians gather information on sports performances in real time and use certain formulas to convert sports statistics into new data with the objective to provide insight into the performance of athletes and teams. Athletes use this information to strategize game situations while sports leagues and journalists use the information to report on competitions, track players’ performance and determine the recipients of awards

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