Career Guidance after 10th

Class 10th is over, now what? Many students as well as parents today are perplexed  by this question.

Choosing your future begins with self-analysis; and we do mean SELF. The opinion of your parents, teachers, and friends should count a little, but not too much. Traditional thinking seems to limit your choices to science, mathematics, commerce and humanities – but that’s no longer the case. Your careers are now best based on your natural skills and talents – whether for writing or for sports or for any interest dear to you.

If you have a penchant for music, acting or modelling then choose subjects that will help you pursue these career courses after 10th.

You have a number of professional career courses after 10th that you may choose. You can take up courses like engineering (IIT, DCE) or MBBS (AIMS, DPMT, CBSE)after 10th and start preparing  right away. There’s a wide list of courses after 10th you can take up to better your chances of succeeding in your chosen field. But remember  there is no substitute to self study.  For courses like MBA, nothing can be done now particularly but one can start concentrating on developing his/her  analytical skills and aptitudes as well as skills in English communication.

Elements that go into choosing your optimal career after 10th:

  • Your own priorities
  • An open mind that’s ready to assess alternatives
  • A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat, Analysis). Consult a career advisor for the best way to go about this
  • Ask questions and clear doubts from people who are already in your chosen profession.
  • Do not let anyone at all cause you to doubt your abilities and talents.
  • Focusing on your interest will enhance your academic performance
  • Research deeply every path available to you

Do not assign unqualified superiority to traditional professions such as medicine, engineering or civil services (unless that’s your natural preference). Let your talents and interests determine your path for the best possible career – a choice you’ll have to make from near limitless career opportunities after 10th.Do not shy away from researching every option.

We, of the National Network of Education (NNE), are trying to simplify this decision- making process for you as best as we can.

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