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Political Science


Political Science is defined as the study of politics and government, in terms of its principles, aims and methods. Political Science also plays an important role in the development future leaders.

A student pursuing this course can opt for many career prospects. The subject tries to delve further into serious probing of matters concerning the nation. A bachelor’s degree in political science can lead to powerful careers in state and local governments, law, business, international organizations, nonprofit associations and organizations (NGOs), campaign management and polling, journalism, electoral politics; research , university and college teaching.

Student pursuing political science honors as degree course develops an analytical thinking ability after graduation due to the rigorous curriculum of various Indian Universities. The analytical thinking as well as the leadership qualities which the student is awarded after his/her graduation is not only because of the universities but also is supported by the schooling days. During the time of their schooling, the students gain thorough knowledge of history and political science that are valued in a wide spectrum of potential career arena.

Hence, Political Science holds up to many careers in its umbrella but students still consider it as a subject studied by Lawyers, Civil Service Aspirants, etc as which is not true because this career prospect is in itself considered full fledged in its growth. The prerequisites of career in Political Science are Leadership qualities, interpersonal relationship, communication skills, good judgment, decision making, and ability to face stress.

Top Colleges/Universities in India Offering Political Science

    • Jawaharlal Nehru University

Courses Offered: M.A. M.Phil.

    • Delhi University

Courses Offered: B.A. (Hons.) Political Science, M.A. in Political Science, M.Phil in Political Science and PhD in Political Science.

    • Jamia Millia Islamia

Courses Offered:  B.A (Hons.), M.A. and PhD

Careers in Political Science

MLC/MLA/MP: Many students hesitate to join politics of our country because it is considered to be a career having undesirable outcomes among youths but nowadays youths are understanding the vitality of a leader and the improvement of education in India with increasing number of alert citizens have led the youth in to participating politics right from college level.

In Indian Political System the members of the house at the state level are called Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and Member of Legislative Council.(MLC). They are paid a monthly salary and are entitled to lot of fringe benefits.

MPs are representatives of people at national level. They may be members in either Lok sabha or Rajya sabha. However, politics should not be understood as a career keeping in view of the definition which is beyond the realm of typical careers

You can pursue the following careers after studying Political Science.

1Activist, Advocate/Organizer24High School Government Teacher
2Administration, Corporate, Government, Non-Profit, etc.25Immigration Officer
3Archivist.26Information Manager
4Budget Examiner or Analyst27Issues Analyst, Corporate Social Policy Div.
6Banking Analyst or Executive29Labor Relations Specialist
7Campaign Operative30Legislative Analyst / Coordinator
8Career Counselor31Lobbyist
9City Housing Administrator32Management Analyst
10Congressional Office/Committee Staffer33Mediator
11Communications Director34Policy Analyst
12Corporate Analyst35Political Commentator
13Corporate Public Affairs Advisor36Public Affairs Research Analyst
14Corporate Manager37Public Opinion Analyst
15Corporate Information Analyst38Publisher
16Corporate Adviser for Govt. Relations39Research Analyst
17Corporate Executive40Survey Analyst
18Customs Officer41Teacher
19Editor, Online Political Journal42University Administrator
20Entrepreneur43University Professor
21Financial Consultant44Web Content Editor
22Foreign Service Officer45Human Rights Activists
23Free-lance writer

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