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How To Improve Concentration


For a student, attention and concentration are 2 very important weapons in the arsenal for scoring good marks. A student must master both these aspects, only then can he think about actually understanding something.

So, is there a way to improve concentration? If there is, how can one improve something like concentration? We, at NNE have tried to list down a few points, which, if followed, will be beneficial for the student.

Concentration is like a muscle in your body. Like a muscle, you can build concentration. All you need to follow are a few simple tricks and you shall see remarkable changes in your concentration levels.

Improving Concentration For CBSE Exams

  • 5 Minutes, Please

That is what you say when you are asked to get out of bed, don’t you? Now start implementing this rule for studies and other activities that you do not like as well. Whenever you feel like you have studied for long enough, sit for another 5 minutes and not just to pass the time.

Concentrate as hard as your entire session. Whenever you feel like reading 10 minutes, push yourself to read 12 pages. These mental exercises, where you push your brain to concentrate harder than normal, actually help in improving concentration and making your brain more alert.

  • Focus

Imagine an object (be it a pen or a watch or anything that you can easily visualize) and concentrate hard for 10 minutes, and try to imagine it for the next 10 minutes. Do not let your thoughts wander off to anything else. Detach yourself from everything else. Think hard about the object only. When you start focusing on one object, your concentration shall automatically increase. The initial few days might be though, but once mastered, it is a very good way to enhance concentrating powers.

  • Don’t stress

This activity is a modified form of the above mentioned activity. Here, do not think about anything. Close your eyes and shut your thoughts. Do not think about anything. Of course it would be tough to not think about anything, but try and let those thoughts pass by. Do not “actively” start thinking about anything.

  • Observation Power

When you look at a thing, or visit a place, observe as much as you can. Even in your bathroom or your kitchen, see everything; there must be a few things which you would not have known about. Do not be ignorant. Try to take in as much as possible fro your surroundings. Observe things and try to recollect them whenever possible. Try t create an exact same image of a scene you must have seen earlier.

  • Read

To enhance your concentration, read a passage in a book you have not liked. Then, try to recite it verbatim. Concentrating on something that you don’t like is analogous to a hard set in a gym and will help you tone your mind.

  • Exercise

It might sound tiring and boring too, but it is a proven fact that even half an hour of exercise everyday helps with being alert and up on your toes all day and increases your concentration. Blood flow to the brain during exercise refreshes the mind hence preparing yourself for any mental work coming your way.

These are some of the tricks that you can apply to improve your concentration. Follow them religiously to see the difference. You will be amazed by the results.

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