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CBSE Practicals & Theoretical Exams


What is more important, a practical education or a theoretical education? This is a debatable question. We, at NNE, have tried to put forth the importance of both, practical and theoretical knowledge at the CBSE level.

CBSE Practical Exams

  • Knowledge”, said Anton Chekhov “is of no value, unless you put it into practice.”
  • The importance of practical knowledge in education can not be over emphasized. Today, an instructor is faced with the challenge of demonstrating several important fundamental concepts and also bringing out the application of newer technologies in the discipline.
  • So, why are practical exams or practical knowledge important?
  • Mind learns more when it sees things. Medical researches have proved that a mind learns more, when it actually sees a particular thing happen than just hear about it or read about it. This is even more prominent when the mind is young.
  • Practical knowledge gives you hands on experience. Be it Sigmund Freud’s theories on philosophy or Le Chatelier’s principle of equilibrium for reversible reactions, it is better to see the rules in motion than memorizing random data.
  • Every experiment is like a weapon which must be used in its particular way. You can not use the same amount of sugar for preparing sweets and lemonade.
  • Practical education helps you learn better. You can experiment and deviate from the standard results. It is these deviations that help you realize what and how of a particular experiment. Theoretical knowledge alone can not teach you these deviations
  • In the real world scenario, no problem will enter your practice environment with a big arrow pointing to the problem or with a list of symptoms straight out of a textbook

CBSE Theoretical Exams

    • In terms of marks alone, theoretical knowledge is very important. 70-80% and in some cases, even 100 percent weight by marks is given to theoretical knowledge. But, is it really that important?
    • The answer to this question is a plain ‘yes’. Theoretical knowledge is very important.
    • But the question is why theoretical knowledge is considered important? The following points help in answering this question:
    • Learning as much theory as you can at school is important, because after you complete your education and start working, you will have plenty of time to examine the practicality of your training. Be it from CBSE class 12 level or your graduation/ post-graduation level.
    • One of the main sources where you can get information is reading about it from books. There are many books available in almost every sphere, and, which is very important, a lot of them are written by great specialists in a particular area.
    • While practical education is important, it is theoretical knowledge that lays the foundation for you to work on an experiment in a practical laboratory. It tell you about the concepts used in a particular experiment, why it failed or succeeded and things to keep in mind while performing the experiment.
    • So, while both, practical and theoretical knowledge are important at the CBSE class, it is up to a student to realize how best he or she can use these mediums. Laying emphasis on any one will not solve the purpose of learning. Both, theoretical and practical knowledge have to go hand in hand to be a well educated person.

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