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National Network of Education offers its advertisers, access to the highly targeted audience through integrated advertising opportunities. A variety of ad types on many unique placements across the network, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. Whether you’re looking for broad reach or targeted customer acquisition, NNE delivers it.

Achieve the Best ROI
At NNE, advertising is about much more than just banners and clicks. It is about creating high-impact, innovative programs that take advantage of the uniqueness of NNE’s content and tapping the target audiences to deliver the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) for our advertisers.

Package Advertisement
You can advertise on National Network of Education (NNE) as a whole i.e., all its 46 Portals or under different Regional Packages or Local Packages either directly or through our National Partners.

National Network of Education (NNE) is the only one of its kind network in whole world which covers a vast country like India with 46 dedicated portals, reaching all its States, Union Territories, Metro and Major cities.

One may wonder as to why 46 portals are required when the same information could have been provided on a single portal, but the reason is very simple as we see it. A vast country like ours with so much of regional diversity and languages, can not be properly covered by a single portal. The question of regional or local identity is also very important, as Education is a subject on the concurrent list of our constitution. Each and every state has its own educational system in place, its own Education Boards and its own priorities.

National Network of Education provides an unparalleled platform of reaching the student community of the country in particular and any one requiring information in general about education or related information about our country across the globe.

Advertisement on the NNE can be done either for the entire network of 46 portals at one go, regional portals covering any particular region of the country or any of the local portals covering the particular state/city.

Any organisation having its own web site may think twice about the need of advertising on other portals when it has its own web presence. But the answer to this is simple - a portal or network like ours is likely to be visited by more information seekers and the students than a single site. For an individual site - even informing about its URL to the target groups is not an easy task. Moreover, everyone knows that the availability of information is bound to be more on a dedicated or vertical portal like ours, more visitors would like to log on to portal like ours than to individual sites.

National Network of Education has emphasised on all the places of India being covered under their most prime domain names like for Mumbai and for Kolkata, for Uttar Pradesh and so on, hence the URL for all these places are the most easy to remember.

Moreover, most of these portals are covered under multiple domain names like can be reached by logging on to,, and The same is the case with most of the other places which we have covered under our network except a few. All the portals are also covered under the newly launched .IN domains. Thus the network is presently covered by almost 500 domain names.

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