Features of Internet Advertising

In India, Internet has seen a phenomenal and exponential growth and today the country boasts of more than 28 million internet users and this figure is expected to rise way more.

As per recent studies - out of this 28 million internet users - nearly 85 percent users belong to the age group of 15 to 25 years of age and a majority of them are students who use it for obtaining diverse kinds of information.

An expansion of internet and information technology has been witnessed and education related activities are already taking a major leap forward. It has opened up the fastest way of communication and has also become one of the cheapest available means of dissemination of all possible information and reaching out to people.

Educational Institutes and service providers need to reach a particular audience or target groups i.e., students and those seeking professional enhancements for programs and initiatives undertaken by them.

It is very likely that every student in India who is interested in IT will be equally interested in Internet too. He will use it as an important tool for getting the desired information.

Advertising in the print media was a conventional tool, highly effective when Internet was not available. The print media has lots of limitations as compared to a medium like the Internet. Even the print media or the most known newspapers have dedicated sections for Education, Careers, IT as they also recognize the importance of addressing the particular user groups.

Some of the advantages of advertising on internet are:
  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Global reach
  3. Targeting particular user groups like students
  4. Delivery of more content
  5. Longer shelf-life for messages and information
  6. Faster delivery
  7. Better presentation
  8. Possible interactivity
  9. Faster feedback

Internet vs. Other media

     Media-wise Reach


Economical Media


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