Terms and Conditions

Terms of Contract for Listing / Advertising
The following terms & conditions shall be binding upon the person(s), organizations or institutes willing to place their advertisements, listings or other articles /materials (“Advertiser?) for publishing on any of the web site (s) under the National Network of Education.
Formation of Contract
Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, this contract is binding on the Advertiser on the terms contained herein on the date of submission of media or other content by the Advertiser, his agent or any authorized person. The owner of the website however reserves the right to accept or reject the same at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever for the same.
Authorised Signatory
The Advertiser warrants that he is authorised and entitled to display, advertise or otherwise publish the contents about the listing or the advertisement as furnished and agrees to and holds the owner of the site harmless from all claims, demands, damages or liabilities whatsoever arising out of or in anyway caused by the display/listing furnished by the Advertiser. The same also applies to all Trade Mark, Copyright or Patent related matters also and the Advertiser shall be fully responsible for any liabilities arising out of the same.
Publishing & Display
While – the owner of the site(s) agrees to exercise reasonable care to publish /display in the correct form as supplied / submitted and agreed by the Advertiser – under the reasonable heading as may be decided mutually – the owner shall have the liberty to change the listing in a suitable manner or place it under the suitable category to maintain the overall look of the web site. The owner of the site also shall have the right to publish/use the supplied information for other purposes at its discretion. The owner shall also have the right to supply, use the same for other usage also.
Errors & Omissions
While – the owner of the site(s) agrees to take reasonable care to avoid errors and omissions in displaying /publishing the supplied content in the correct form – it shall not be responsible for any errors & omissions in the same or any damages arising out of the same which may happen either due to entry level errors or technical errors or otherwise. The Advertiser shall however, be free to bring such error to the notice of the owner who may carry out the necessary correction.
The submission of the media or other content by the Advertiser shall be construed to be the formation of an agreement for which the Advertiser agrees to pay the specified charges for the specified duration of the service.
Payments once made shall not be refunded under any circumstances. If the Advertiser fails to make the agreed payment - the owner of the site shall have the right to remove / delete the content from it’s site – but shall also have the right to recover the same along with interest @24% from the date of the amount becoming due. In case of the content being sent through any Content Partners or agents – the subscriber or the Content partner /agent shall be both jointly and severally liable to make the payment.
Legal Matters
In case of any situation arising out of any matter whatsoever – which makes the owner take a legal recourse in any courts of law – the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the owner from all the costs, proceedings, claims & description whatsoever including agency or other fees etc. All legal matters shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi only.
Deletions from publishing shall be accepted only upon written request from the Advertiser. However, no refunds can be claimed against any cancelled listings / advertisements.
Mode of Payment
All payments shall be made through suitable bank instrument or Online. Under no circumstances- the payment should be made in cash to any one on behalf of the owner.
Under any circumstances – the owner shall not be responsible for any financial or other liabilities of any nature whatsoever for any omissions or errors etc., in the published content. The maximum liability of the owner shall be confined to refund of a pro-rata charges of the agreed period/package for which the Advertiser may not like to avail the services for any such happening which has been accepted by the owner.
Technical Problems
Though the owner agrees to take suitable care to keep the site in a healthy condition – it will not be responsible for any down times due to technical or other problems, corruption of data due to any technical or other problem or any fraudulent disturbing of data or the contents by anyone.
The Owner
The owner reserves all the rights to revise the above terms and conditions from the time to time at its sole discretion.  If any of the revised terms or conditions is not acceptable to the Advertiser, the Advertiser will notify the owner in writing within 3 days of such revised terms and conditions being published on the websites(s), failing which the Advertiser will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms and conditions.   Further, the owner may assign or otherwise transfer its rights or obligations under this contract at any time without notice to the Advertiser.    
Govt. Regulations / Duties
Compliance for all Govt. regulations whatsoever that might be applicable to its content – shall be the full responsibilities of the Advertiser who also agrees to pay any govt. taxes or duties as extra which might be applicable on the services availed by him.

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