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IGNOU Regional Centres and Study Centres

Regional Centre of IGNOU is meant to be a Centre established or maintained by the University for coordinating and supervising the work of the Study Centres in different regions and for performing other functions as expected by the University. IGNOU has 67 Regional Centres, 5 Sub-Regional Centres, 5 IGNOU-Army Recognised Regional Centres, 8 IGNOU-IAF Recognised Regional Centres, 4 IGNOU-Navy Recognised Regional Centres and one IGNOU-Assam Rifles Recognised Regional Centre.

Role of IGNOU Regional Centres

  • Development, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres
  • Student Support Services
  • Organisation of staff development programs

IGNOU Facilities

Regional Centres are centres for training coordinators/counselors/other functionaries and would provide a venue for the students and the academic counselors to express their responses with reference to a particular subject. Regional centres are provided with some facilities to enable them to function systematically:

  • Library course material
  • Video cassettes
  • Audio cassettes
  • Computers
  • Telex/fax
  • TV/VCR

IGNOU Regional Centres in India

IGNOU has around 67 regional Centers spread across different parts of India. Click Here For The List of IGNOU  Regional Centres in India

IGNOU Study Centres

IGNOU Study Centres are the main focal points for students. IGNOU Study Centres are spread across all over India.

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