Five successful women engineers who have made India proud

International Women’s day on 8th March is a global event that not only calls for gender equality but it’s also a celebration for women from all over the world who have achieved great heights in their field of profession. No matter what career they opt for, an achievement will always be an achievement. In India, there’s a lot of gender disparity where women are still being treated unequally when it comes to political and social ideologies.  
Engineering plays a crucial role in technological advancements but even the majority of men working as engineers is much higher when compared to the number of women in engineering. Keeping that in mind, there are quite a handful number of women who are having a magnificent career in Engineering. They are involved in developing technologies which are being used by millions of people from all across the globe. Let’s take a look at the list of top 5 Indian women engineers who have conquered great heights in this male dominated profession.

1.    Priya Balasubramaniam, Vice President of iPhone operations, Apple



The vice president of Apple’s iPhone operations, Priya Balasubramaniam started working at Apple in 2001 and since then there has been no looking back for her as she has climbed the ladder in the international supply chain team where she handles manufacturing of Apple’s iPhones. She has proved to be influential on a global scale. For India, she’s has played a prominent role in negotiating a new deal to manufacture Apple products.

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2.    Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Engineering, Twitter


Twitter’s vice president of engineering, Nandini Ramani plays a vital role in the organization’s engineering processes. She also played a crucial role in Twitter’s product strategy for emerging marketing in the world and more importantly in India as well. Nandini Ramani was involved in several other projects, with one of them being Twitter’s Early Bird Camp internship program for high school students. Interestingly, the former vice president of Oracle also happens to be the executive sponsor of Twitter’s organization for women (@womeng).

3.    Anjali Joshi, Vice president of Product Management, Google


Google vice president of Product Management, Anjali Joshi has over 10 years of experience in Google and she is fiercely known for being an engineer who can handle any kind of problems in the organization. She has worked on Google’s cloud and infrastructure and has handled news and finance as well. As a leader for the product and engineering team, she’s responsible for several products that also include search, image search, health search, maps, translation and localization.

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4.    Komal Mangtani, Head of data intelligence, Uber


Before Komal Mangtani joined Uber, she was the head of engineering at Box. Currently, she’s the head of data intelligence at Uber. Her tech team provides the tech that helps the business to explore new market opportunities and also analyzes the overall business performance. She also acts as an advisory board member for Women Who Code. She focuses on developing engineering culture at a large scale by promoting technical innovation. She is very keen on encouraging women to enter the profession of engineering.

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5.    Aparna Ramani, Director of engineering, Facebook


Aparna Ramani works at Facebook as the director of Engineering, Realtime Data where her team helps in processing real-time data and analytics as they play a very important role in technology for Facebook’s News feed. Internally, Aparna’s team is also known to handle unprepared challenges very well.  Before working at Facebook, Aparna Ramani was in charge on product development at Cloudera.

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