Career Prospects after Engineering

What after Engineering?

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Job prospects for engineering graduates have always been good. Candidates can either join the private sector, public sector or the government. In the government sector, engineers can appear for the “Indian Engineering Services” exam conducted by the UPSC at the national level or join various departments at the state level through their respective exams. The armed forces also induct a number of engineering graduates every year. Other departments such as the civil aviation department also recruit engineers. Engineers can also join the Merchant Navy. Due to the huge potential for infrastructure development, there is a good demand for engineers. With liberalization of the economy and opening of new companies and sectors, an engineering graduate has a myriad of options to start his career.

Job opportunities in Private Sector

Around the time of independence, most of the jobs for engineers were in the government. Initial period of post-independence period witnessed the creation of the public sector wherein large industrial organizations were set up offering employment opportunities to engineers in large numbers. Infrastructure development was also in the government domain. Working in the government controlled sector implied a permanent job with the same employer for the entire working career. Lateral entry at senior levels was limited and so also mobility as a result thereof. Promotions were based on seniority. Retrenchments and layoff were rare, if at all.

In recent years, the private sector has been developing at a fast rate. Public sector as well as infrastructure activities are being opened to the private sector for investment. In the years to come, private sector employment of engineers will expand further and, due to disinvestment and privatizations, employment currently in the government controlled sector will also shift, at least partially, to the private sector.

Higher Studies in Engineering

A lot of engineering graduates opt a career in management or go for advanced courses to further specialize in respective careers. A Ph.D. in Engineering Management combines scientific research with infield assessment and evaluation. You will study math and science learning about mechanics or operating production equipment, containing cost and assessing risks. The Doctor of Engineering program involves the preparation and submission of material related to achievements as a professional engineer.

Engineering Management programs or courses are recent developments in response to the demand from industry. Engineering managers occupy a unique position in their industry. They combine their management expertise with engineering knowledge to lead teams of specialists in highly technical tasks. Most engineering managers focus on product development, materials management, production processes, and workforce reliability. However, Management engineers must also possess strong communication skills. 

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