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Preparing for IIT - 15 days to go

Students looking for expert tips and tricks to crack the upcoming Common Entrance Test IIT JEE can now look forward to get some help from our experts.


There are easy subjects and there are tough subjects. There are subjects you like and there are subjects you hate. You can’t help it, you can’t ignore any particular subject. It is an human tendency that we avoid tough things, students leave tough subjects for the end and spend more time on the subjects they already know. This approach is wrong. Never ignore tough subjects for the last final days.

You can categorize your subjects like these

Subject 1: Toughest Subjects
Subject 2: Not so Tough Subjects
Subject 3: Easy Subjects


Once you have figured out your weak and strong subjects it is now time to plan how to study those subjects. As I mentioned earlier one should never leave the tough subjects for the last days. Spend initial days of your preparation on studying Subjects that are tough. This will boost your confidence as the days progresses.

0 – 5 Days: Study Toughest Subjects
6 – 10 Days: Study Not so Tough Subjects
10 – 12 Days: Study Easy Subjects
12 – 15 Days: Study the Subject which has first Exam
Try to study Tough Subjects which needs more time during early days of your preparation. Don’t avoid tough subjects and leave them for the final days.

Only study 2 to 3 subjects in a day. Studying only one subject in a day will bore you and studying too many subjects will not help you.

From our Experts:

  • Go through all the topics in a stipulated time frame.
  • Start revising and solving the model papers simultaneously.
  • Start concentrating on those topics which you have already covered. It would be futile to include new topics when examination is just 15 days away.
  • Revise all important concepts and formulae.
  • Don’t strain your nerve to complete the syllabus at the last moment if not covered. It would be wasting of time as well as building pressure on oneself.
  • Divide the time into three parts. It means you have 5 days for each subject. Five days is enough at the last moment to revise or remove the doubts.
  • Relax and staying confident is the mantra of success.

**We know that you have been working very hard but  there is no shortcut to sucess, so if you have 30 days to prepare, prepare like wise( Please do not go to the section of  7days to go…! it will only confuse you). Remember every hour spent in preparing is worth it. So,Goodluck!

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