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Preparing for IIT - 30 days to go....!

By this stage you should have covered all your subjects. This is the time to start reworking the subjects you have difficulty with. Make a list of all the subjects or parts of, that you want to work on. Again, create a weekly plan, set aside daily time, chunk down and celebrate achieving your goals.


Learn about and create a Mind Map for each subject especially your difficult subjects. Put your main subject in the middle of the page, attach your subheadings to your main subject and then add the important points to each subheading.

From our experts:

  • After the 12th board, you would be having around 30 days to prepare for your entrance exams. Three chapters a day wouldn’t be hard enough to get through. Chemistry takes less time as compared to Physics and Mathematics. So, a week for chemistry is enough. Try to revise Physics in 10 days and devote 13 days to Mathematics. Start from the Mathematics and finally chemistry in the end.
  • In Physics, lots of questions are being asked from practicals (Please remember practicals is as important as theory) . So, prepare it thoroughly.
  • Study past five years question papers carefully and find out the chapters which are given much importance and which are given less. This would help you chalk out strategies.
  • Try to solve as much questions as you can. Be selective and explore the known zone because it will boost your confidence.
  • Don’t waste time, if you don’t know the answer. Quickly move on to the next question. 
  • In the entrance examination, you have four options for one question. Practice to eliminate options and arrive at the right options.
  • Know your strength and weakness. Concentrate on your weak part.
  • Don’t be nervous while solving the question paper. Try to give your best, rest will follow.

**We know that you have been working very hard but  there is no shortcut to success, so if you have 30 days to prepare, prepare like wise( Please do not go to the section of 15days to go…! it will only confuse you). Remember every hour spent in preparing is worth it. So,Good luck!

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