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Preparing for IIT - 7 days to go ...!

You have worked very hard and now your target is a just a week away. What ever you have prepared is done now is the time to implement in the best possible manner so that you can make your dream come true

Begin practicing positive visualizations and feedback. Create pictures in your head of success and achievement. See yourself being confident every day leading up to your exams. See yourself getting up the morning of your exams and being confident, prepared and ready. See yourself sitting down and looking at your exam paper or computer screen and knowing deep down inside that you will do well on every question. Start arguing, questioning, disagreeing with that little voice in your head that is putting you down. Tell it, ‘you are wrong, I will do this for me and my future’. Tell it ‘you are not in control of my life. You will never be in control of my life.’

Remember exam preparation is worth every hour you sacrifice to it. Go for it!

 From our experts:

  • Apply time management skills. According to the subject, divide the total time into three parts.
  • Focus on revision of what you already know. Don’t put unnecessary effort to go beyond your known zone.
  • Take a few mock tests to make sure you follow the same time schedule as the real IIT-JEE’s three hours drill.
  • Go through previous years question papers.
  • Avoid solving a whole lot of problems at this stage and bone up on formulae.
  • Relax, have good sleep, eat healthy, be calm and stay confident.

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