Oasis 2010 - BITS Pilani

The moon is shining, the stars are twinkling. A sweet cadence fills the air. It’s all serene and tranquil. The heavens are resting. The earth is sleeping. The desert is unchallenged.

The lights have blinded the moon, and set the stars on fire. A current runs through the air with each burst of music. Euphoria and psychedelia reign unchallenged. The heavens are mesmerized. The earthlings revel in insomnia. The desert stands transfixed by this enigma. And you know that you’ve been transported by OASIS, into the land where the night is the new day.

Tread carefully, the desert sands have turned to gold. They conceal the angels of the dark and the demons of light. They unleash the power of uncontrolled exhilaration. They contain the essence of passion and they weave the spell for insomnia.

96 hours of unadulterated excitement, entertainment, euphoria and madness, at BITS, Pilani, on Oasis in the middle of the dessert, where the weary travellers who trudge along the long road find their long sought respite, the place they seek in every mirage they see, the dreamland that they never thought could exist.


The annual cultural fest hosted by BITS, Pilani is one of the most awaited events in the year not just for every BITSian but also for college students all across India. From humble origins, Oasis now boasts of being one of the biggest festivals in the country in terms of participation, sponsorship, prize money and also the professional shows that bring some of the biggest names in the industry to Pilani.

Oasis is away from the ordinary and an earnest strife for excellence. 96 hours of pure euphoria that Oasis brings to the little town of Pilani, set in isolation and submerged in its own insanity is what sets it apart from every other fest. What makes Oasis all the more inimitable is the fact that everything about it, right from its inception to the sponsorship to the management of every detail is completely conducted by the students of BITS, Pilani. And for these students, Oasis is not just a fest, it is a creed.

Oasis transforms BITS, Pilani. With every soul out of their rooms wandering around at night in the campus, overwhelmed by the sheer proportions of the festival, Oasis is indeed all consuming.

This Oasis is the time when night will blend into day, and each second will have has something new and extraordinary to offer.

Four days of continuous action. Four nights of unrestrained activity. This is OASIS. 


Turning back the hands of the clock, we reach BITS, Pilani as it was 40 years earlier. Oasis was then still a mere vision. A vision that was to catapult to unprecedented heights, owing to the dedication and ardour of the students at BITS, Pilani.

It all started in the year 1970, when after a grilling election campaign, the new President of BITS, Pilani was elected- B. C. Jain. He will always be revered in BITS. His achievements? He was the brain behind what has turned out to be the most awaited event of the BITSian calendar – Oasis. Traversing the dry and arid sands of Rajasthan, you chance upon BITS, Pilani – a vibrant hub of activity, promising a respite from the monotony of the desert, an oasis of sorts. Similarly, the hectic academic schedule of the college is magically replaced by four days of continuous excitement and fun, another OASIS in its own right. The idea of a cultural fest sprang out of the then President’s wish to live up to the expectations of the GBM, and the first Oasis was organised by the Students Union with the help of the institute management.

It began with three departments, and nine participating colleges. Where once upon a time all we had were clubs for Music, Dance and Photography, today every single aspect of the fest is handled by a different department. The first year of Oasis had only 9 colleges from North India participating, whereas today innumerable colleges from all over India register for Oasis.

For 40 years, each year has added something new to Oasis, and little by little it has grown to achieve the magnificent proportions of today. This year too adds its own touch to Oasis and then will pass it on to the next, to carry forward this enviable legacy. 

Oasis is an ever changing fiesta of a multitude of events. Not one moment is dull. Musical notes reverberate through the air as the sur and taal of ‘Swaranjali’ compete with the drum beats of sonic stampede. Creativity takes on a new meaning as limericks abound and a photograph expresses itself in a 1000 words. The auditorium resounds with applause as ‘Fash P’ leaves the audience bedazzled, and stage plays keep them enthralled. Word masters and quiz addicts fight it out in ‘Mental Matrix’. Wits are tested and no statement passes unchallenged at the ‘Oasis debate’. From ‘Revertigo’ to ‘Carv’ature and ‘Snoop Dogs’, some events take your imagination for a ride. ‘Razzmatazz’ and ‘Street dance’ each leaves the audience enthralled by amazing dance moves.


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