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Placements & Alumni - IIIT Bangalore

The quality of mind that IIIT Bangalore shapes up is excellent. That’s’ why the institute has witnessed one hundred percent placement in the past.

The placement team of IIIT Bangalore is doing its homework well in conducting placement process. The placement team assists both the student and employer in taking active part in placement process and hence invites world’s top-notch companies for campus recruitment.

The following companies had visited in the past to IIIT Bangalore campus for campus recruitment-

  1. ABB (1)
  2. ALLGo Systems(2)
  3. Beechem Communications(1)
  4. Cisco(4)
  5. Covansys(8)
  6. EMC(7)
  7. Fastmedia(1)
  8. Fiberlink(6)
  9. GAVS(8)
  10. GE Healthcare(16)
  11. GM(1)
  12. Honeywell(1)
  13. HP(12)
  14. HP Labs(1)
  15. i2 Technologies(14)
  16. Intel(2)
  17. Lucent(1)
  18. MFormation(2)
  19. Novell (1)
  20. SAP Labs(10)
  21. Siemens(9)
  22. TI(1)
  23. Ziva(2)

IIIT Bangalore Alumni

The strong alumni council of IIIT Bangalore is governed by Mr. Narayan Murthy, Chairman Infosys Technologies Limited.
The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) has a mission to be No. 1 IT manpower producer in India for the service of IT industry. The alumni, institute and students of IIITB are one hundred percent dedicated towards its mission. Boom and Bust did not affect the undying spirit of IIITB and its growth is continuous, rapid, and steady.

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