Fee Structure at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Delhi)

Tuition fees for IIIT Delhi Courses for the year 2010-2011 is given in the box below:

IIIT Delhi Fees

Tuition Fees Rs 75000/- per year (for 2 semesters) with scholarship
Hostel Fees Including Mess Appx. Rs14100/- (as per NSIT Hostel Fees and changeable as per NSIT Rule)

IIIT Delhi Fellowships

10% of the students including one girl will be eligible for scholarship (50% of Tuition Fees) for the first year. Scholarships in subsequent years will be based on performance in the previous years.

Tuition Fees for 2010 and 2011


Annual Fees

Fees for Total Program

(per month)

B.Tech. (*) Rs 100,000/- - -
B.Tech. with Scholarship Rs  75,000/- - -
M.Tech. with Assistantship Waived - Rs 6000/-
M.Tech. without Assistantship - Rs 2,50,000/- -
Ph.D. with Assistantship Waived - Rs 20,000/-
(initially, may increase later)
Sponsored Ph.D. Rs 100,000/- - -

(*) Fees will be increased in 2012.

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