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Part Time Programs at IIIT Hyderabad


The part-time programs offered at IIIT Hyderabad are described below:

Part-Time Master of Technology (M.Tech) Program

Academic and professional record of the aspirants are the main criteria for admission to the M.Tech. programme.

A bachelors or master’s degree in Engineering, MCA, or a Masters degree in Science/Mathematics. Good background in programming and Mathematics is the minimum eligibility for the course.

The admission procedure for the part-time M.Tech. programme is the same as that of the regular M.Tech. programme. The admission process consists of the Post-Graduate Entrance Examination conducted in the end of May and a personal interview of the short-listed candidates.

For more information click on to the DETAILS

Post Graduate Student Status Programme (PGSSP) IIITH

The Institute offers PGSS programme to professionals belonging to Hyderabad and nearby area. The institute grants post graduate status to professionals on the basis of academic records. Any candidate who has obtained PG status from the IIIT Hyderabad can pursue a maximum of two courses every semester.

The PGSSP allows a candidate to acquire new knowledge in the area of interest without actually pursuing a formal training programme. PGSSP of IIIT Hyderabad is considered as a formal degree and allows students to pursue a formal qualification subsequently.

Under PGSS programme, candidates can register according to their eligibility. Candidates interested in pursuing training programmes need to check with the course coordinator for the terms and conditions.

The institute announces the list and schedule of such programmes in advance. You also can access such announcement in the Announcement, Notification sections on our website

Admission Procedure

  • The admission to PGSS programme is made on the basis of academic record and professional expertise etc.

  • Qualifications include: a bachelors or master’s degree in Engineering, MCA, or a Masters degree in Science/Mathematics.

  • Professionals with 3 or more years of experience in software design and development may also apply.

  •  Candidates sponsored by their employers should send a letter to that effect from their employers.

  • The Institute notifies candidates regarding selection, interview etc through mail only.

Application Deadline

The last date for receiving applications to the PGSS Programme is one week prior to the start of the semester.

Application form can be submitted as early as eight weeks prior to the start of the semester.

As per the current almanac, the Monsoon semester starts on July 15th and the Spring semester on Nov 15th of each year.

To apply online Click Here

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