IIM Bangalore - Recruitment Process 2016

IIMB has chosen a select few and shaped their sharpened and polished their latent talent. The students are trained to hit the floor running once they are out of this institute and to thrive in the most adverse of conditions. Companies are invited to recruit from this valuable resource pool of IIMB through our Campus Recruitment Program.

The Campus Recruitment Program (CRP) has been designed keeping the unique recruiting needs of each company in mind and helps facilitate a fair and systematic recruitment process. This is to ensure maximum convenience to both the students as well as to our Corporate Partners.

Developing a presence on campus is the key to a successful recruiting effort. IIMB strongly encourages companies to create and forge bonds with the student community, Initiatives taken by the student clubs provide great opportunities to introduce your company to specifically targeted groups of students. Events like simulation games, case competitions, guest lectures and panel discussions organized by the student bodies, can be a very good platform for companies to build a rapport with the students.

Summer Internship Programme

A very effective way of starting a relationship with the institute is through the Summer Internship Program. After the first year of studies, students are required to undergo 8 weeks of training in an organisational setting to gain industry exposure. By making the internship program a central part of your recruiting activities you can build a long-term relationship with the student community. This not only helps in valuable word-of-mouth publicity by the summer interns on campus, but also gives companies the opportunity to evaluate candidates before a permanent hire. The recruitment for the summer internship program commences in October every year.

Pre-Placement Talks

Company Presentations and Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs) provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the organization and meet some of the key employees. Companies can make a powerful impression by exposing students to highly knowledgeable senior employees who can deliver your message and convey your commitment to recruiting at IIMB. The schedule for the PPTs can be worked out in coordination with the placement office.

Sponsoring Projects and Field studies

Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at IIMB. These provide an excellent opportunity to companies to tap the wealth of talent at IIMB and help gain a new and incisive perspective on complex problems. Project students act as your best emissaries to the student community at IIMB.

Instituting Awards and Scholarships

These awards are highly valued by students and are yet another means for effectively developing an active presence on the campus. Examples are the Aditya Birla Scholarships, Citibank Leadership Awards and Nestle Young Manager Award.


To broaden company visibility on campus, companies can continue their interaction with students through Mailers, Emails, CD-ROMs or Brochures. Companies are requested to get in touch with the placement office in order to make these available to the studentsCampus Recruitment Programme

The Campus Recruitment Programme (CRP) procedure for the graduating class entails the following:

  • Participation Intent
    Companies are requested to confirm their participation at the CRP, by sending in the participation form, provided as an insert, to the placement office.
  • Job Descriptions
    Additionally, companies are requested to send detailed job description for the positions they wish to recruit for. The job description, which should include position responsibilities and a recruiting contact, will be instrumental in attracting student interest. Please include the company website address with the job description for further dissemination of information to the students.
  • Résumé Lists
    Students will be asked to provide résumés to companies of their choice. Résumés will be sent to companies soon after we receive their job requirements. The companies should send in their shortlists at least a week before the day they are scheduled to visit the campus for the recruitment process.
  • Offers & Acceptance
    All job offers should be channelled only through the Chairperson, Placement. No job offers can be made directly to any student. The placement office will communicate to the company at the earliest, information on candidates who have finally accepted offers. It is expected that when offers are made, companies will make note of the specific terms and conditions as discussed and agreed upon during the interview and these will be explicitly stated in the attested offer form submitted by the company.

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