IIM Kozhikode - Placements

The institute is committed to helping the students in finding their niche in the corporate world. For the graduating class, the final placement interviews generally starts from February every year.

The placement process consists of the following stages:

  1. The company fills in the form given at the end of the brochure and sends it to the placement office. Alternatively, the company can download the registration form from IIMK’s website.
  2. The company conducts pre-placement presentations.
  3. The resumes of the interested students are sent to the company.
  4. The company is informed of the day on which interviews have been scheduled.
  5. The company sends their shortlist of students to the Placements Office.
  6. The company conducts the recruitment process on the scheduled day.

First contact

The Placement Office contacts organizations by sending the placement brochure during August. The companies send the completed response forms enclosed in the brochure to the Placement Office detailing their requirements.

Pre-Placement talk (PPT)

The companies visit IIMK for Pre-Placement Talk. Pre-Placement presentations may be scheduled at any time during weekends and weekdays after 5 PM. The PPT could be arranged on a mutually convenient date and time starting October 1, of the current year.

System of day rankings

The companies are allotted particular day and time slot to conduct their recruitment process on campus. The system of rankings is based on student preferences. The date and time will be communicated to participating organizations, well in advance.

Recruitment process

Placement at IIMK by and large commences in February every year. The organizations are requested to inform the Placement Office about their participation well in advance. The organizations are free to follow any procedure for recruiting candidates. Job offers are to be channellised through the Placement Office.

Offer acceptance

The organizations can give a Spot Offer to students at any stage of the placement process or a List Offer after the completion of their selection process. The student and the company can then discuss the offer and it may either fructify or dissolve.

Acceptance intimation

On completion of the placement process the Placement Office will inform the companies of students acceptances.

Participation fee

The companies will be required to pay Rs. 20,000 per candidate selected from the institute for domestic positions and $ 1,500 per candidate for foreign positions. In case the student is placed in a lateral position, the fees would be Rs. 25,000. The amount should be drawn in favour on Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and paid after the student has joined the organization. Companies conducting interviews through the IDL platform have to pay Rs. 5,000 for the day’s session, prior to the interviews.

IIMK being an educational institution wholly financed by the Government of India, is exempt from Income Tax under section 194J(2) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and therefore no tax need to be deducted at source from the payment of placement fees to the Institute.

Lateral level placements

The objective of the lateral level placement is to provide an opportunity to students with extensive work experience to get placed at a level commensurate with their relevant experience. The lateral level recruitment starts in the month of October every year. All students with work experience of 30 months or more are eligible for the Lateral level placements.

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