IIM Lucknow Programs Offered

Post Graduate Programs

“Good practice flows from strong theory” – this is the credo of the Post Graduate Program (PGP) at IIM Lucknow. The PGP is designed to develop professional managers with the strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses of the future, while giving them the vision to determine what the future will be.

To enable the IIML graduates to

  • Understand the socio-economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern societies and their characteristic values
  • Acquire the prevailing state of the art knowledge and skills in the basic disciplines and functional areas of management
  • Develop analytical and innovative attitudes and skills so as to facilitate change and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organisational systems
  • Develop values and proactive attitudes for societal well being.

This program is a two-year, full time, residential program. The students meeting the program requirements are awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

The PGP continually challenges the students to be prepared for tomorrow. Courses are redesigned every year with feedback from the industry. New courses are introduced at an impressive rate each year. This helps in incorporating the latest concepts and paradigms into the curriculum even as the world is awakening to the need.

The PGP also prepares the students to take up multiple responsibilities and energizes them for the fast-track performance expected of them. The curriculum, by any standards, is rigorous. Assignments, live and simulated projects, periodic evaluations and demanding academic schedules ensure that the student develops skills in managing time and working efficiently and effectively. This is what makes managers from IIM Lucknow a cut above the rest in challenging situations.

The First Year academic work, spread over three terms, is a compulsory package of 22 foundation (core) courses designed to provide basic knowledge of concepts, tools and techniques in various functional areas and relevant disciplines.

The two-month compulsory summer training in industrial and business organisations follows the first year course work. The summer training is aimed at providing exposure to the real life working environment. Students are required to work on specific, time-bound organisation related assignments.

PGP programs also include the following

  • PGP in Agribusiness Management
  • PGP in Business Management For Working Managers (WMP)
  • International Program in Management For Executives (IPMX)

Fellow Program in Management

This four-year program is proposed to provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the micro-level issues of an organization and the capability to relate them with the macro issues of the industry and economy as a whole. The aim of the program is to build scholars for research and educational institutes capable of taking up the role of think-tanks for Industry.

The FPM is unique in three key areas: the profile of the participants, the curriculum and the level of interaction with other academic institutes and organizations. Candidates will have to take a qualifying test based on their experience in industry to be accepted for the program. Participants will be a part of an exchange program with premier B-Schools in India and abroad and work on an overseas assignment as part of the program.

Student Exchange

To create world-class professionals, it is important for them to be exposed to the world. The culture and economic differences between the developed and developing world are too vast to be simply taught in a classroom – it is only by immersing oneself in foreign lands that one learns to appreciate them.

Hence the IIM Lucknow International Exchange Program initiative – a process through which our students do a part of their studies in Business Schools all around the world. At the same time, foreign students and teachers come to IIM Lucknow to understand the working and mindset of one of the potentially largest markets in the world.

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