CEED Question Papers

CEED (Common Entrance Examination For Design) basically tests your visual perception ability, drawing skills, design aptitude and communication skills. Officially, no specific books have been recommended for CEED 2017 preparation. However, it is advisable to brush up your rendering, drawing and visualization skills.

The best way to prepare for CEED 2017 would be to go through previous years' CEED question papers and get a good idea about the kind of questions you can expect. Here are the questions papers of CEED 2016, CEED, 2015, CEED 2014, CEED 2013, CEED 2012, CEED 2011 and CEED 2010.

Moreover, we have included the CEED 2017 Question Paper along with the CEED 2017 Final Answer Key for Part A that was released on February 2, 2017.

CEED 2017 - Final Answer Key for Part A pdf

CEED 2017 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2016 Question Paper - Chennai Region pdf

CEED 2016 Question Paper - Rest of India pdf

CEED 2015 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2014 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2013 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2012 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2011 Question Paper pdf

CEED 2010 Question Paper pdf

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