IIT Bombay - Campus and Hostel

The programmes offered at IIT Bombay are residential. The institute offers lodging facility to almost all of its students, both men and women. The IIT Bombay has 14 hostels in total. The resident gets all the facilities within the hostel including mess. Click on the hostel name of your choice to know more.

Hostels in IIT Bombay

Students at IIT Bombay Hostel

There are 14 hostels along witha  Tansa House. Apart from this the institute offers the following facilities within the campus-

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Hospital
  • Central Library
  • Women Cell
  • Hindi Cell
  • Campus School
  • Convocation Hall
  • IDC Auditorium
  • Library
  • Security
  • Banks
  • Hospital
  • Post Office
  • Printing Press
  • IIT Market
  • Students’s Activity Centre (SAC)
  • Hills and Lakes
  • Staff Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymkhana

So you may be agreeing that IIT hostels are a home away from home. For your convenience the link of hostels are given. You can check your would be home before you join this prestigious institution of nation by clicking on the link.

Kendriya Vidyalaya is meant for wards of those who join IIT Bombay as professionals and not for its students. The IIT Bombay offers residents to faculty and other staff members.


Campus life

Image courtesy: http://www.som.iitb.ac.in

The Indian Institute of Technology (IITB) offers residential facilities to all its staff, faculty members and students. The students are housed in hostels which are named as Hostel 1 to Hostel 13. Another hostel named Tansa is meant for accommodating research scholars. Every hostel has a dedicated council to look after the activities and every hostel also conducts its own fest and activities. This makes IITB hostels the best place to live for entrants. Men and women are accommodated in separate buildings.

The campus of IIT Bombay is a hub of academic and non academic activities. At one end the academic activities do the polishing of subconscious and on other end the extracurricular activities both technical and cultural polish the morals and nurture the students in better social-technological workers.

The IIT Bombay witness number of activities all round the year like; TechGC, TechFest, MoodIndigo, Yantriki, Generations, Chemsplash, Last Straw, Avenues, and Eureka.

The IIT Bombay has organizations like; E Cell, Unnati, Wildlife Club, The Quiz Club, The Scrabble Club, The Speakers’ Club, The Hobbies Club, The Swimming Club, The Mountaineering Club, The Group for Rural Activities (GRA), Special Interest Group in Finance (SIGFIN), International Students Association, Research Scholars Forum, Finearts, RISE – NSS Programme, and IITB Film Society. These organizations are fully dedicated towards the cause of cultural and technological exchange. The participants learn a lot through activities of these organizations.

Mumbai City

The sprawling metropolitan, by the Arabian Sea also known as the commercial capital of India is dream city for those who aspire to be at the acme of entrepreneurship.

It won’t be exaggeration to term Mumbai as the most happening city of India. Housing the top industrial houses of India from Ambanis to Tatas, the IIT Mumbai can be rightly termed as the cradle of the entrepreneurs in the City of Enterprises.

By virtue of coastal location the local weather is marine type. Warm through out the year with temperatures remaining between 200 to 400 C for most part of the year. Agony of the monsoon clouds, due to their failed attempts to scale the Western Ghats, leads to heavy showers and uncommon cloud bursts.

To have a rough idea of the locale click on the City Map.

IIT Bombay Alumni Association

IIT Bombay Alumni makes presence everywhere in top notch companies, be it Ford Motors or Microsoft or TATA; you can find IIT Bombay graduates everywhere in top notch posts, reason enough the IIT Bombay keeps pride in its alumni network. Rajesh Jain, Narendra Karmarkar, Victor Menezes, N. K. Naik, Arun Netravali, Nandan Nilekani, Satyendra Pakhale, Manohar Parrikar, Jairam Ramesh, and Kanwal Rekhi are some of the well-known alumni of IIT Bombay. To stay connected with friends and teachers, IIT Mumbai has its own alumni. The alumni helps make the bond stronger. To visit IIT Bombay Alumni Association, Click Here.

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