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IIT Kanpur Campus & Placement


If you feel that you have to spend the next four years of life in a total educational atmosphere and will have no time for recreation, your concern is unfound. The next few years of your life at the IIT Kanpur campus would be counted by you as the best. The campus would not only secure you an engineering degree at the completion of your course but would also equip you with many other skills, which you always wanted to acquire.

IIT Kanpur knows that different students have different interests. While some are interested in sports activities, others are keen for music. The interest of the student is been taken care of by the institute in a good way. A student interested in sports need not to go outside the campus. Two courts (Indoor and Outdoor) have been specially created at the campus. The campus has an Olympic size 8 lane swimming pool too for those keen to swim.

Those who have always been fascinated by different foreign languages, the campus’s state-of-the-art language laboratory serve as the excellent opportunity for them. The students can learn various foreign languages. For pursuing hobby, a ‘Student Centre’ exists where students can pursue their hobbies from fine arts to photography to Aero Modeling. A student can even obtain a Glider Pilot’s license from the campus Gliding and Soaring centre. 

Besides hobbies and interests, the institute also takes care of the health and medical facilities of its students. A case in point is the Health Centre in the campus with an emergency ward that functions round the clock. Banks, post office and the telephone booths are some of the other facilities that institute offers to its students in the campus. Students can shop as much as they want from the shopping centre at the institute’s campus.


IIT Kanpur Visitor’s Hostel. Picture Courtesy:

The Institute has taken care of student’s guardians too. They can visit the students as and when they feel without meeting them without being worried of booking a hotel in the city in advance. For their accommodation, campus has provided for a visitors’ hostel besides students hostel.

The City

kanpur city1

Kanpur City. Picture Courtesy:

Kanpur a prime industrial city of Uttar Pradesh state located on the banks of river Ganga, houses many top educational institutions of the country including Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K). Various textiles and leather industries also find their existence in the city with the total area of 1040 km and around 2.72 million populations. Slowly and steadily, big IT companies are also moving towards the city and making it as their home town.

The tropical climate of the city results in hot summers at times accompanied by the severe heat wave. The maximum temperature touches 45 degree celcius during the summers. The winters are bearable. The months of December and January are the coldest with the mercury plunging to 6 degree celcius. The city also experiences severe fog. The temperature may even touch at times to 20 degree celcius. The city experiences average rainfall of 821 mm per year.

City Map


The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Placement Cell welcomes the CEOs and HR Managers of companies for campus placement of students. Every year a large pool of companies come to IIT Kanpur in search of professionals.

The Placement Cell assist visiting companies to find best brain vis-à-vis helps candidates in finding best employer.

For more details on activities of Placement Cell, click here.


The IIT Kanpur is not merely an institution of learning rather it’s the name of a family comprising of students, academician, teachers, and research scholars and may others.The students who receive training from this institute become part of IITK Alumni association. And the IIT Kanpur is a proud institution of its thousands of Alumni who gets a lead everywhere wherever they go. IIT Kanpur takes pride in its’ alumni network serving to different sectors of human society, viz; education, industry, non-profit, finances, software and all others areas. Some notable alumni of IIT Kanpur are – Dr Chandra Kintala,Ashoke Sen, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Manindra Agrawal, Nitin Saxena, and Neeraj Kayal, Pradeep Sindhu, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Satyendra Dubey.
The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur works in close cooperation with its alumni and has alumni association. All those who have got a diploma/degree earlier from this institute are part of alumni and the number is growing every year. The IITK website has a complete section for its alumni association. Besides this the following websites are also dedicated to IIT Kanpur alumni association.

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