IIT Kharagpur Campus and Hostel


The study programmes offered at IIT Kharagpur are residential in nature and hence the institute offers hostel facility for both boys and girls in the following

IIT Kharagpur Hall of Residence for Girls: Nivedita

Halls of Residence

    • Azad Hall
    • Ashutosh Mukherjee Hall of Residence
    • B C Roy Hall
    • Gokhale Hall
    • Homi Bhabha Hall
    • J C Bose Hall
    • Lala Lajpat Rai Hall
    • Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Hall
    • Megnad Saha Hall
    • Mother Teresa Hall
    • Nehru Hall
    • Patel Hall
    • Radha Krishnan Hall
    • Rajendra Prasad Hall
    • Sarojini Naidu / Indira Gandhi Hall
    • Vidyasagar Hall
    • Rani Laximibai Hall
    • ZakirHussain Hall

Campus Life

IIT Kharagpur Campus. Picture Courtesy: http://www.indiastudychannel.com

The long hour classes and laboratory session keep the students busy throughout the day.

In order to fulfill the need of residents, the IIT Campus offers a number of basic and comfort facilities like the mess facility, sports, ground & court, medical facility and shopping facility etc.
The Halls (hostels) of IIT Kharagpur are well equipped with all the modern amenities and each Hall has its separate administration to look after.

The institute believes in the all round development of personality hence along with academics it encourages lots of extra curricular activities. As a result cultural, sporting and technical fests are recurring phenomena. A brief description of activities that take place at IIT Kharagpur is given below.

Illumination and Rangoli

Picture Courtesy: https://campusdiaries.com

Illumination, sometimes called Illu is celebrated on the Day of Diwali. All the Halls of the campus are lighted with Diyas, which can be in shape of some objects or things depicting some sort of action. Nearly 20000 lamps are lighted on this occasion. All other light sources are switched off when lamps are lighted and as a result, campus looks so beautiful that one may confuse whether he / she is on earth or among stars in space.

On the same day, the Rangoli Competition is also organized. The competition is fought on Inter Hall basis.

The winners get a potful of Rasgullas. Champions – 300, First Runner-up – 200, Second Runner-up – 100, Consolation – 100.

Spring Fest

This event is held in the month of January every year. The festival spans up-to 4 days on which the artists from all over the country participate. The other colleges / institutes also take part in this event.

Some major events that takes place during this festival are- Star Nite, Wildfire, Fashion Parade, Nukkad (streetplay), Quizzes, Vocals, Dances (both eastern and western), Face painting, and Perpendiculars(Presently known as Perpz – Live Dancefloor featuring DJ Mackling and DJ Dippy)


Kshitij, the techno-management fest held at IIT Kharagpur witness the participation of approximately 4000 students from all over the country and abroad besides students and research scholars of IIT Kharagpur itself. A number of workshops, competitions and seminars are organized during this festival.


Robotics competition is held every year during Kshitij. The competition began in 2001, carries the purpose to bring forth the technical talent in the country. Robotix 2006 has seen nearly 650 participations and it is expected that the competition will gain International credentials by 2007 or so. The campus invites all the technologists from entire world to participate in this unique competition.

The Scholars' Avenue

The Scholars’ Avenue is a bi monthly newspaper publication of IIT Kharagpur. Published by IIT Kharagpur students, the hard copies of paper is distributed to campus residents while for alumni and others the same is made available on http://www.scholarsavenue.org

Hall Day

The Hostels of IIT Kharagpur are called as Halls. Each Hall celebrates its own celebration preferably during the month of March. The residents of these Hall enjoy the celebration with a lot of music, food and fun.

Technology Student Gymkhana

Technology Student Gymkhana is the hub of all co curricular and extra curricular activities. The Gymkhana is run by elected student committee.


Kharagpur is a town located in Midnapore West district of West Bengal state. The place is famous for Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP); the first institute of technology in India and Kharagpur Railway Platform which is 3517 feet long, recorded as longest in the world.

Located at 22 02′ 30″ latitude and 87 11’0″, longitude. The town acquire nearly 3000 square kilometer of land. Three famous rivers passes through Kharagpur, viz; Subarnarekha, Kolaghat and Kangsabati River.

Weather is on the hot and humid side except in winter when mercury touches to 10 degree Celsius during night, however day temperature is around 20 degree Celsius. The summer nights are cooler and comfortable, however, the temperature during day is around 40 degree Celsius.


First meeting of the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation (India) was held on October 1, 2005 at New Delhi. Prof. S K Dube along with Mr. B K Syngal and Mr. R Gopal Krishnan addressed a Press Conference on the occasion.

For more detail on IITKGP Alumni Network, click here.

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