IIT Madras - Research Programs

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) is a hub of Scientific, Industrial and Technological researches. The programmes are well supported by the government and industry

The research programmes undertaken by the IITM is mentioned here.

  • Academic Research Programme

The academic research programmes at IIT Madras are undertaken by faculty members and specific research groups pursuing MS or Ph.D. programme. 

  • Sponsored Research

 The faculties of IIT Madras conduct research programmes fundedby National/International organizations on demand.

  •  Research Based Industrial Consultancy

 The Research Based Industrial Consultancy Programme conducted at IIT Madras is rooted through Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR).These programmes include project design, testing and evaluation and training in new areas of industrial development.

  • Interdisciplinary Research Projects

 The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) conducts inter-disciplinary research projects in the following thrust areas-


  Thrust Area Principal Coordinator Phone No.
1 Chemical Physics & Molecular Biology Prof.N.Chandrakumar
Department of Chemistry
2 Environmental Technology Prof.S.Mohan
Department of Civil Engineering
3 Communication Technology Prof.AshokJhunjhunwala
Department of Electrical Engineering
4 MEMS Prof.K.N.Bhat
Department of Electrical Engineering
5 Development Studies Prof.V.R.Muraleedharan
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
6 Measurement, Testing & Diagnostics Prof.KrishnanBalasubramanian
Department of Mechanical Engineering
7 Quality assured Design & Manufacturing Prof.M.S.Shunmugam
Department of Mechanical Engineering
8 Instrumentation & Control Prof.M.Singaperumal
Department of Mechanical Engineering
9 Energy Technology Prof.S.SrinivasaMurthy
Department of Mechanical Engineering
10 Materials Technology Prof.S.K.Seshadri
Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
4763/ 8020
11 Methodologies Prof.A.Avudainayagam
Department of Mathematics
12 Complex Systems Prof.V.Balakrishnan
Department of Physics
13 Infrastructure Technology Prof.Bhaskar Ramamurthi
Department of Electrical Engineering
14 Biotechnology Prof.K.Lalitha
Department of Chemistry
15 Computing Technology Prof.R.Krishnakumar
Department of Mechanical Engineering
16 IT Enabled Technologies Prof.S.V.Raghavan
Department of Computer Science
4359/ 8080

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