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IIT Roorkee Campus and Hostel


The programs offered at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) are residential in nature and hence institute provides hostel facilities to its students both boys and girls. The facilities provided at IITR Hostels are world class.
Besides staying facilities the campus also offers other need based facilities like market etc in the campus itself.The hostels of IITR are called Bhawans.The Institute has following Bhawans to accommodate its learners-

There are ten Boys’ Hostels,

and three Girls’ Hostels

6 Married Hostels

    •  G.P.Hostel
    • M.R.Chopra
    • Azad Wingh
    • D.S.Barrack
    • A.N.Khosla House
    • K.I.H.


iitr khoslahouse1

Besides good academics, the IIT Roorkee organizes various students fests and activities that adds to the overall personality development of the students. IIT Roorkee is a home away from home. Besides academics and researches students are encouraged to take part in various sports and games, debates and cultural activities. Various technical workshops, quizzes and festivals organized time to time. Facilities for different sports both in door like chess and out door like football are offered. The Inter IIT Sports Meet is an annual event where IIT Roorkee takes part with other IITs. The IIT Roorkee has various clubs, viz, photography, fine arts, modeling etc where learners can pursue their other interests at competitive level besides academics.

Fresher’s Special

The fresher’s programme welcomes all the new comers to the institute. It’s an opening bash wherein the students become familiar with their seniors and colleagues.

Community Activities
It comprises of

    1. NCC
    2. NSS
    3. Cultural Soc.

Hobby Club

This is a platform where students get an opportunity to show their creative skills. The hobby club offers the activities in following categories-

Photography, Electronics, Fine Arts, Gardening, Model Section, Philately, Star Gazing, and Web Designing.

Technical Societies

The institute has three technical societies to its credit- a) CHESS, The Chemical Engineering Student’s Society; b) MIESS, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Students’ Society, and C) CEC, Civil Engineering Society.


Both the indoor and outdoor sports facilities are offered to students and residents. The Inter IIT sports meet held every year during the month of December adds to the list of charms.


The IIT Roorkee has a number of clubs; viz, Himalayan club, Chess club, Carom club, badminton club, snooker club etc. The Himalayan club is most famous and important one. This club organizes the mountaineering activities for its members.

News Group

This group is voice of the institute. The group is managed by students of IITR.


Three mega festivals, namely Thomso, Cognizance and Srrishti are organized every year. These mega events by the students infuse a good level of energy in participants, be these audience or performers.


Roorkee, a small town in Haridwar district of Uttranchal, India, lies at foothills of Himalayas between the rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Gateway to tourists spots like Badrinath, Haridwar and Rishikesh, the town is 30 Km from Haridwar and 180 Km from New Delhi.

Other institutes and research laboratories situated in Roorkee are- Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Irrigation Research Institute (IRI), Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHEC) and the National Institute of Hydrology (NIH).

Roorkee also has an Army base. Other striking feature of this town is presence of a canal that flows on a bridge crossing a seasonal river built by the British Government. This canal is augmented recently.

Warm summers and cool winters make weather pleasant throughout the year. By virtue of situated in the foothills rainfall is good enough during the monsoon period. Another phenomenon that comes by virtue of the location is heavy fog during the winters.


The institute has thousands of pass outs to its credit and the number is growing every year.To maintain contacts and interactivity with each other and to enrich knowledge resource the IIT Roorkee has its dedicated Alumni association.The IIT Roorkee website has a dedicated section in the name of its alumni association for making close group contacts.The alumni members are dedicated towards the enhancement of their Alma matter besides the self and the society.

For details click Alumni

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