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IIT Roorkee - Research


Architecture And Planning

Architectural Design, Computer Aided Design, Building Construction & Materials, Building Science, LandscapeDesign, Hill Architecture, Visual & Graphic Art, UrbanDesign, Architectural Conservation, History ofArchitecture, Interior Design, ArchitecturalEducation, Highrise Buildings, Energy Conservation &Passive Design, Historical Conservation.

Planning (Urban & Rural)

Urban Planning, Hill Area Planning, Ecology, Management Information System, SustainableDevelopment Planning, Hill Planning, Integrated RuralDevelopment, Energy Planning, Regional Planning, Housing Urban Development of Management, Environmental Planning.

Alternate Hydro Energy Centre

Small Hydropower Planning, investigations, designs, development, optimization of generation, development of softwares for ship planning and designs, life assessment and life extension of existing ship equipment, planning of natural resources, Biomassgasification, Biogas generation from agricultural wastes, Biomass Energy System Development, Environment Impact Assessment, Environment & Energy Auditing, Power System Planning & Operation, Control System Development, Solar & Wind Energy System Development, Solar Air heaters development, Integrated Renewable Energy System Development, Human Resource Development.


Biomolecular structure- conformation, drug DNA andprotein- DNA interactions, Microbial Bioconversions, Microbial Processes, Animal physiology- ReproductiveEndocrinology, Microbial Production of Organic acids and Enzymes, Molecular Biology, Molecular Geneticsof Nitrogen fixation, Plant Biochemistry-Enzymology Molecular Pathogenesis, Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Modelling, Molecular Biophysics, Microbiol Transformations and Fermentation Processes, Fertility Control Mechanisms in male system, Sperm-egginteractions.

Chemical Engineering

Advanced Transfer Processes (ATP), Computer AidedProcess Plant Design, Environmental Pollution Abatement Engineering, Industrial Safety and Hazards Management, Process Integration, Applied Numerica lMethods, Biochemical Engineering, Two Phase Heat Transfer, Process Intensification, Chemical kinetics, Catalysis and Reactor Design, Computer Aided Design, Energy Engineering and Management, Fire Engineering, Industrial Pollution Abatement, Modelling and Simulation, Process Engineering, Process Control, Separation Process, Transport Phenomena, Hydrocarbon Engineering.


Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Chemicalkinetics, Liquid Chromatography, Computer simulationand molecular orbital calculations, Coordination chemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry, Electrochemistry, Organic electrochemistry, Electroanalytical chemistry, Electrochemical sensors and chemical sensors, Enantioselective catalysis, Heterogeneous catalysis, Enantiomeric resolution of pharmaceutically important compounds, Epoxidation of olefinic compounds, Evolution of origin of life, Synthesis of heterocycliccompounds , Heme proteins, Macrocycles, Mouessbauer spectroscopy, Metal speciation inenvironment, Organic reaction mechanism, Organometallics (Ru, Si and Sn), Kinetics and, Nanomaterials, Photochemistry, Protein sequencing, Neutron activation analysis, Radiochemical methodsand tracer applications, Radiation chemistry, Solventextraction, Extraction Chromatography, Syntheticpolymers/ membranes/ membrane electrodes, Development of low cost carbon alternatives for wastewater management.

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