Internship Experiences

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As an intern at IndiaEducation, you will be given the opportunity to get involved in meaningful work from the very first day. We’ll challenge you to take on projects of high importance and help you to refine your skills. You can count on being held to the same level of excellence as our full-time staff—so much so, that many interns are hired back after their program is complete.

"Your Resume Will Love you for this internship"

"At IndiaEducation, I learned how to create and customize WordPress website pages, as well as gained knowledge about SEO. I put my theoretical knowledge into practice by working on real projects and receiving regular feedback and guidance from my manager Hardik. Overall, it was an incredible learning experience that provided me with practical skills for my future career."

Kapil Gaikwad

Former IndiaEducation Intern

Currently working in Marketing Young


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"Thoroughly enjoyed working as an intern with IndiaEducation, One of the best companies. Some of the benefits of working with the company: 1) Great work culture 2) No work load 3) Flexible working hours 4) Brilliant leadership 5) Great work life balance 6) Fun Events 7) Respect for employees"

Isha Manoj Jyala

Former IndiaEducation Intern

Currently working in UpGrad 

"IndiaEducation gave me the opportunity to showcase my work. The education team has supported me a lot during this stint, I'd like to thank my team, Mr. Hardik, Mr. Amit, and all the team members. SEO & Content Writing is not an easy job but with a team and with an organization that allows you to entertain new ideas it is all possible."

Satish Kumar

Current IndiaEducation Intern


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My internship at IndiaEducation was an incredibly valuable experience. Throughout the internship, I learned how to optimize websites for search engines, create engaging content, and use WordPress to manage and customize websites. Our Mentor not only taught us about the importance of managing time judiciously, but also guided us for our future career paths.

Jasleen Kaur

Currently working in Hero Electric

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I had an exceptional SEO and content writing internship experience at India Education. The company provided me with an immersive learning environment that enabled me to gain practical experience in both fields. I was able to work on various projects, which helped me to develop my skills and knowledge. The guidance and mentorship from my team were invaluable.

Pranay Trivedi

SEO and content writing intern at IndiaEducation

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"I had a great experience interning at IndiaEducation. I learned a lot and worked on some really interesting projects by myself. The teammates there were also really friendly and helpful, so it was a great environment to work in. Overall, I would definitely recommend doing an internship here at IndiaEducation - it was a great way to gain some practical experience."

Srishti Kathuria

SEO and Content Writing Intern at IndiaEducation

Life At IndiaEducation

Here at IndiaEducation, we believe in putting in the effort to get things done, but also taking the time to enjoy ourselves. Below are some pictures of our team from festivals, events, and team outings.

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