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QLTT 2012 Test Pattern

The aim of the test is to assess the “aptitude�? of the candidate and is limited to the professional knowledge of the candidate. The test aims to assess the ability of the candidate to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales.

Written Examinations will require a candidate to demonstrate

  • An ability to solve legal problems in a practical context
  • A clear understanding of substantive legal knowledge
  • An ability to apply substantive legal knowledge to practical problems
  • An ability to deliver appropriate solutions to legal problems

Oral Examinations will require a candidate to demonstrate

  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of the common law and the manner in which they apply in practice
  • A working knowledge of the legal system
  • A working knowledge of the principles of statutes and substantive law
  • Competence in the English Language

The Assessments on the QLTT will be written and set in accordance with the Written Standards laid down by the Law Society. Candidates are required to pass each Head which that Candidate’s Certificate of Eligibility states are the subjects which that candidate is required to pass. Their performance in a Head may not be compensated by their performance in any other Head.

The Syllabus of Four Heads of the QLTT are as follows with the link

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