10 Wacky Questions Asked During CAT Interviews

Interviews can be tricky. Especially when you are trying to earn a place at a prestigious institute like IIM, nervousness is a given. What do you do when the questions asked at your interview are ones that you least expected? Meltdown alert? Worry not! We bring to you 10 quirky and wacky questions asked during CAT/IIM interviews that will test not only your presence of mind but also your wit and analyzing power.

Let’s take a look at these hilariously wacky questions.

Indian National Anthem

Sing the National Anthem

Yes, because singing the National Anthem right before a movie is a must so why not during an interview. This one is definitely not out-of-the-box.


Spell 'COW' in 13 letters

Wouldn’t you rather just ‘Mooooooo’? 13 letters? Seriously? Grammar Gurus I tell you!


Choose your Email ID very wisely

1990? Or a word the interviewer cannot pronounce? Please be ready to explain its presence in your Email ID.

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Poor People

Poverty is a major concern

SO tell me why are people ‘poor’? Yes, this was one of the questions asked at an IIM Ahmedabad interview.

Oh my God

Ambiguity is too ambiguous

You like numbers? Okay! So define God mathematically. IIM Lucknow panelist decides to test a candidate in one of the interview rounds.

isis app islamic state recruitment

Want to get hired? Tell us how people get hired at ISIS

Recruitment and HR structure knowledge of ISIS was one of the interview questions at IIM Lucknow.

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The thought of a girl making you boys gush? Choose between loyalty and hotness

A candidate was asked to choose between a girl who is hot but not loyal and one who is loyal but not necessarily hot. In a pickle aren’t we?


Hobbies! You might want to think twice before you answer this question

A candidate was asked to draw the two panelists within a span of 10 minutes after he shared that his hobby was drawing. One of the panelists thought he looked more bald in the drawing.

I like to move it

Dance your way through

A candidate at IIM Calcutta was asked to showcase her Bharatnatyam skills during the interview. So do you like to move it, move it?

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Surprise turns into shock

IIM Kozhikode candidate was asked if he knew something that would surprise them while its explanation would send them into a shock.

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