5 Biggest Mistakes Made By MBA Students

mdi students on campus life Management students of MDI, Gurgaon on college campus with their director, CP Shrimali. Image courtesy: indiatoday.in

Management is the buzzword of the moment in a world where almost all companies are obsessed with the new mantra ‘manage, organize and administrate until the end is clearly seen’. If management is all about analyzing, estimating and predicting future events and happenings to the minutest detail, then management (MBA) students should adopt these practices right from day one at college. The corporate world now starts and ends with innovative management & best practices, so future corporate leaders should ensure that the time spent in B-school should be utilized smartly so that when they graduate, they can hit the ground running.

Nevertheless, not everyone is smart enough to take the right steps while in college -  here are the 5 biggest mistakes made by MBA students. Know what they are, so that you can avoid the same mistakes!

1. Not Choosing Properly

Proper Stream and Suitable College, Important First Step!

The field of management has been rightly tapped by the sharp educationists, thus various institutes offering a range of courses have found their place in the main metros and suburbs. This makes the selection task harder than ever for the choosers, comprising mainly of students and their parents. Moreover, the spectrum of specializations available is so wide, that picking the right MBA stream becomes another daunting issue for students and parents, alike.

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A due diligent list of expectations from the course should be prepared before enrolling oneself in a particular college and for a certain stream. This plays an important role in deciding the future career prospects. And of course, it is very crucial, considering the fact that some students may want to pursue MBA to become a successful entrepreneur while some others may want a career in banking.

A list of useful guiding pointers can be prepared considering important factors like accreditations and reputation of the institute and by visiting the corresponding institute sites on the internet. A word of caution here, this first step is of paramount importance, and a mistake here could have a life-time consequence, so tread carefully.

2. Not Focusing From Start

Get Going From Day One!

Most students sit back and relax or party, reveling in the fact that they have secured a place in one of the top B-schools, thinking that everything will fall in place automatically. Sorry, my friends, but this is a big mistake on the part of students! And that they are just repeating the most common and grave mistake that their seniors have regretted. Instead, roll up your sleeves, sit straight, and start working with full vigour and focus from day one if you want to optimally reap the benefits of the management course.

3. Ignoring Practical Sessions &Training

Summer Training - Stepping Stone To Future Jobs!

Avert the biggest mistake of not giving due importance to internships and summer training. Internships often lead to job opportunities. The companies that employ MBA students for internships usually require full-time employees as well, so make the most of your training by giving serious attention to it.

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4. Being Absent from Campus on Important Occasions

Being at the Right time at the Right Place Makes for a Right Career!

Generally, management colleges organize various activities like job fairs, conferences, talks by influential industry personnel, imperative for the much needed industry exposure for the students. However, students commit the usual mistake by not being present for such dos. Ample number of events and chances of leveraging opportunities are presented for the sole benefit of the students on such occasions, and students should pay due attention to such programs.

5. Not Focusing on Improving Communication & Language Skills

Success Comes with Effective Communication!

In the recent years, management has gained the number one spot in most of the operations in urbane industries and organizations. Good communication skill is considered to be an important aspect of powerful management. Despite the fact that effective communication has an essential niche in management science and has come up a number of times, students fail to use it to their advantage. They generally give secondary importance to it; however, they must understand the simple fact that concepts and principles can be best explained by superior communication alone.

Parents place absolute trust in their wards expecting a bright future for them after they graduate from B-schools. They do not think twice before using their hard earned money for the education of their children from a reputed institute. MBA students must avoid these mistakes to reap the maximum benefit from their course and to live up to their parent’s expectations, as well.

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