5 Skills of a Great Manager


Managers and CEOs are considered the pillars of a business or a company. For the company to grow, the role of a manager is a key contributing factor. Considering how important a manager is to a company or a business, it is also important to know what are the skills and attributes a person needs to become a great manager.

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Able to break down the complex into something simple, with ease, is a skill every manager should possess. Managers are responsible for a number of employees. An ability to explain a task at hand easily makes one a great manager.

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It is of utmost importance for a future manager to possess the skill of delegating a task. Often managers believe that there is nobody else who can perform a task better than them. A great manager knows there is somebody else in the team who can do it better. Assigning work, giving deadlines and encouraging them to do better is a mark of a great manager.


To know where the company or business is heading is a must know for all the managers, way before it happens. In order to make that happen, managers should hold meetings to discuss the future.

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System Approach

Making good use of all the resources at your disposal is a good sign in a to-be-manager. Creating and growing your company or business by using different systems is the way to go in building a company and maintaining a strong foothold as a manager.


Setting goals and milestones along with providing feedback to your employees is a sure shot sign of a great manager. Understanding and building areas of responsibility on the structure or hierarchy is a skill that is required for a person to become a great manager.

MBA graduates mostly start off as employees in MNCs. The ultimate goal is to become a top-brass manager or a CEO/COO of a company. This is not just to reap in all the monetary benefits but the power a position of a manager brings. Management or MBA is a stepping stone to become a manager. However, to become a great manager, you need to have these skills mentioned above to rise and grow in the company.

So along with your MBA goals, it is beneficial to concentrate on honing these 5 skills as well, as a long term goal.

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